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The quest for hot water continues on and on

Sitting here in the coffee shop really is a much more comfortable place to write plus I don't have to feel like I have to come back and write, wasting more time. Today its a ritaza roast I'm drinking which is apparently a dark coffee. All I know is its giving me one hell of a buzz at the moment :P.

The RD Erica came by yesterday to talk to me. I think she's quite lonely with me and her being the only residents. We talked about the hot water situation and she started bitching about the cable and how quiet it was at her place. I have XM so I don't watch tv much unless I want to watch Jeopardy and the news which I've been watching at Larry's lately, so was really surprised when I turned my tv on and there was definitely no cable. This further shored upmy view that I am indeed a very big dork and must find a way to find a life outside of Skype and XM. Oh well at least we found that the cable outage was building wide, and yes, we still don't have hot water. They started this morning at 6:30 AM jackhammering outside of my room window to explore where the steam leak or ruptured steam pipe was. I don't know why they don't, when they build places, create some easy access points so they can find problems such as these, but I guess the problem is not close to where these manhole covers are, so they have to drill through thick concrete and asphalt to even access the pipes just on the off chance that they'll find where the problem lies. All I have to say is that I'll be able to move out in 11 more days, either that or the place will fall in on me. Man it'll be nice to live in a new place rather than an aging yet renovated old building, We think that it may even lseesn my chances for migraines as there won't be any indescribable molds to inhale.

I decided not to take a shower at the other dorm, and again went over to Larry's for my daily dose of non icy water. I don't know where I'll take a shower today but its not going to be in my room that's for darn sure.

I spent the evening after getting back from Larry's eating AQ chicken and talking to random weird people on Skype. At one point we had maybe seven people in a conference. I also found that some people can be slightly disturbing in the little world we live in. Enjoyed talking via Skype to a conference call thingy which connected us with amazingstar and some of her ... questionable friends. It was all fun though and I truly enjoyed staying up till like 12 talking to Patrick and another guy in the UK and playing old TPR (a readio station I once was involved in) promos. I pledge not to do it again for a while so I can get work done next time. I don't know if I'll uphold the pledge :P.

Today I just have Tastmasters planned and checking the schedule I'm "general evaluator" which is a job I always tend to get. In Australia I was always timer or gramarian, here I'm always some form of evaluator. Oh well, its all for the common good of improving my speaking abilities.

Finally I'll quote the mysterious and absolutely hilarious girl from Irealand we talked to yesterday. Her name is Aeoffa pronounced "eefa". She was having problems connecting to us, lots of garbled sound and such. So in an instant message she sent to a person in the conference she said, and I close with this.
"Me internet sucks more than a good prostitute angel :("

Here's hopeing my reader's internet connection doesn't suck that bad, however bad that sucks. Sometimes I wonder about the Irish.

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