Ner (djner) wrote,

D-Day Saturday

Well, I guess this week is going to be either (a) hell or (b) very freaking quiet. Not only have my flex dollars disappeared, but apocalypse has hit with the end of summer sessions as the coffee shop is closed (today and tomorrow) and all res net records have been cleared, so I simply can't get on the network even though its all there. Its analogous to having all this water out there ready to pour into your tap and my water got turned off. Oh well, that's what the absolutely deserted lab, study rooms, and downstairs is for. The only drawback is taht I don't have ready access to music or coffee as I do up in my room so its very quiet and a bit cold but I suppose that's better than nothing eh? I did find a microphone I could use with my laptop, so I'll at least be able to set up down here and continue with Skype conversations.

Speaking of. Never again will I spend 6 hours talking on that thing until 4 a.m., never. No matter how exciting or funny, it just can't and won't be done again, or something. As stated above though, I did find my microphone which might tell you how firm I am on this plan. I did have fun last night though, even though it was 4:30 before I went to bed and got rid of the people I was talking to, even if they WERE talking smack, general lies, and outrageous untruths. I must say, it sure beats getting absolutely plastered on a Friday night, and its a hell of a lot safer for me.

Larry called me up this morning at 10:30, and as many of you know, I usually wake up really early. Not the case this morning though, the bastard woke me up and invited me to go to the Democratic party's office opening (which we had talked about before) and see Sen. Blanch Lincoln (d) speak. I also hope to meet the volunteer coordinator for the office so we can get hooked up with me starting to work. And that's about it, I probably should close out and head upstairs so I can get over to the opening. Fun and excitement are sure to follow that as I get to reinstall windows XP for Larry and then head back here. Damn, I sure try to be a good friend don't I. I'm very lucky and appreciative of the friends I have both here and around the world. You guys rock, most of you :P.

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