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don't pet my dog, I swear

TIme yet again to write. I tried to write yesterday but was coming down with a headache so couldn't get it done. Two fentenel's and I was right. I slept however from like midnight to 1:30 this afternoon. So though its seven, it feels really early to me. So I'm down here again, and grateful that no one relieved me of my laptop and other random stuff I've got down here.

I forgot one event that happened on Friday night, so I'll put it here and then continue on with new and not so breaking news. I went over to sunnyblue's house so I could watch the news stories from the golf cart press conference. We saw both news outlets that were there's coverage which mostly consisted of shots of the carts in several angles, and a general description of the event. It was still cool and fun to watch Mickey (Megan's goyfriend) switch between the channels to try to watch both stories. We were successful. SO cap off my good day, we opened up a bottle of white zinfindel (sp) and proceeded to drink three quarters of the bottle between us. I could definitely feel it after that, even with the really tasty Italian chicken and potatoes Megan made. It was so much better than coffee shop food let me tell ya. The cats definitely didn't like Fiona as when we let them out, thinking they would be nice, they literally growled at Fiona, and drew blood on Megan's hand. We'll have to do a better job controlling the cats next time because its looking like they'll never quite trust dogs too well. I got done eating there and proceeded to fall asleep on her couch which probably isn't a good thing to do at a guest's house but hey, I've known her for a long time, so we both felt it necessary to let the food and wine settle and then drift away in front of the tube.

Moving on, the Democratic Party of Washington County office grand opening was really cool. The energy was really high and it was interesting to see the diversity present. Everyone's so intent on getting rid of dubya. There must have been over 100 people there. It was a usual political event with the usual speeches from everyone and their brother running in this county, but one funny thing happened. I met Blanch Lincoln, the senator who was "headlining" the event. I didn't really meet her, but she definitely met Fiona. As she came in and was about to speak, everyone was applauding and cheering, and then I noticed Fiona's head go up and someone petting her. Larry told that person not to pet the dog, and when she stopped after saying sorry, Larry was like "that was Blanch." Giving her some credit, Fiona was under a chair so she didn't have much of an opportunity to see Fiona's harness because she was under my chair, but it was still funny in its timing. Maybe Fiona will make me meeting GW easier if I ever have the misfortune to do so.

We then tried installing windows XP at Larry's house, and after that was done, we decided to figure out the intricacies of ordering a pay per view movie on the Dish. We decided on The Haunted Mansion which was really quite a good movie for a Disney movie. I liked the plot, even if I don't remember too well the ride it was based onin Disneyland. My favorite part of it was the part where these statues, unable to speak regularly, but were "stuck" in four part barber shop harmony in their conversations. The humor was both intelligent and hilarious; I would see it again.

Why am I having problems putting together sentences today? I don't know, all I know is taht I'm thankful that my headache is gone and that I'm left without pain. I was thankful that I had people to talk to last night when it was going on. Luckily I allowed my body to sleep, and the pain went away to distant recesses. I must find a neurologist, so I can come up wit an updated battle/medication plan for if or when these things happen again.

Tomorrow I'm going to do a bit more statics and hopefully start finishin gup another class, Process Control. I"m hoping, that after the couple of months of absencial studying, that I'll remember everything that I tried learning. I suppose I should go before I risk screwing up another sentence. Oh well, at least I've written down what happened.

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