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As to give me a simple slat to write my entries without the disstraction of the messengers and Skype, I'm writing down here in the lab rather than how I'd planned it and that was in the union. I started an entry on the laptop but never got too far with it, so I'm starting over this afternoon, subjectless yet with a point in mind.

Yesterday was quite a fun day. Never did I think that I could say that clothes shopping was fun, but it was. I found yesterrday morning while looking for something to wear, I realized that for some odd reason, I had only three pairs of shorts to wear. This normally wouldn't be too huge of a problem, but damn man, I hate doing laundry so I really watned to have more shorts. Plus Larry has been bugging me lately about improving the overall appearance / clothing style so I can "pick up the chicks", whatever that entales. So we went to Dillards in the Mall and I realized that I should be happy taht I am a small dude. I can shop in the boys department. Shopping in the boys' department has both disadvantages and advantages but one of the major advantages is that you can get things really cheap there. I got four pairs of shorts (all of which were fashionable, according to my fashion expert, Larry's wife), and six shirts. My total damage, $114, not bad, not bad at all, especially since I got my clothes from Dillards. We went up stairs to the Mesn' department just to check it out and we found pants and shirts for $70. Sure, my stuff was all on clearance, and in the back to school special department, but hey, I'm all for saving money.

After going to the store, which I won't bore you with details, because going to the store really is a mundane and boring experience, we went back to the house and proceeded to make one of my favorites, Aunt Carol's burritos. The way my aunt makes burritos isn't too special, you can put anything you want in the burritos, but the difference is that you butter the tortilla and put it on the grill and let it brown. You then put your cheese down and let that melt and then you put the rest of the stuff you want to put on it. After the tortilla gets good and crispy, but not too crispy, you fold the whole lot over, and voila (sp) you ahve a kick ass burrito. Everybody at the Featherston household loved the new way to make them. We dealt with the bad gas that we knew would come and said hey, it was worth it. Then we all went into separate rooms, and I went home, and we definitely passed it man ;). It was so worth it and we'll make them again I am sure. The only thing we did wrong was not using really huge tortillas; we used relatively big tortillas not the huge ones you see in Arizona or Texas Mexican restaurants.

Not much happened today but boring administration crappiness. I got set up with paratransit so that I can help out with the Democratic Party stuff here in Washington County adn get to and from the "job" wheneverI need to.

Two more days and I'm outta here :). It'll be sad to see the place go but ya know ... life goes on and change is good.

One thing that hasn't changed is the fact that I still lack internet in my room. Apparently they're reprogramming the system today. So I guess it'll be another night spent hanging out down here but in a study room. Hopefully not only will I talk to people but I'll also get work done. Tomorrow morning, dark and early, I get to try to finish a class, process control. I may even take a final tomorrow afternoon which will be so so cool. Finishing things is fun, and I'm sure you're glad that I've now finished this entry and am leaving for "better", yeah right, things. I think I'm going to launch a pre-emptive strike on not using the terminology "more later" because that's so overused in this journal so let's see. What can I say?

And so ends this entry, may the internet gremlins whisk it off to its little hiding place on the live journal servers in Oregon. Did you know that I once lived in Portland back when I was four, I wonder what my life had been like had I not lived there for just two months.

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