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I hate medical care costs :(

Well, my dad got a call from AirEvac today and they said that the insurance would not cover the entire bill for transferring me to the hospital. Wanna guess the bill? Well ... $10595's what I'm gonna owe. If we'd signed the forms when I wanted to sign them, we could have paid $50 per year, had the whole family covered, and we'd owe absolutely nothing. Coulda, shoulda, might have, but we didn't, and this just underlies the fact that health care, because of insurance, or lack thereof in my case, really really sucks. I have no dea how much the rest of my bills will cost but I hope its something. When I was in Australia, I broke my arm, went to the hospital twice, and had two surgeries, and the total cost to me was only $1500. But I live in the good old USA where health care costs really really suck. What the hell does the life flight service do when its really life and death and services are really needed? The kid dies, and the parents get bills for 10 grand? In my mind I know I was in so much pain that I *really* needed the service and wasn't really going to handle travelling the rough roads. If only I would have known :( We as citizens and humans shouldn't have to choose the more painul route just because its cheaper. That and I shouldn't have to deal with my breakability and screwy condition, but there's nothing I can do about either, so I should stop complaining shouldn't I. Its just hard, not fair,and stupid, this whole thing, and tonight's deeming to be a hard nithg to deal with it and its circumstances.

I talked with the university a bit about me coming back. My Pysical chemistry teacher really seems cool, and I hope we'll work together well. Didn't do much else today but watch the olympics and try to organize my volunteer position phone banking for the Democratic Party. Getting that made me happy :). Perhaps I should continue to dwell on the good things and not so much on the bad. Some people say I'm so positive, and I try to be, but I'm not bulletproof and do get down from time to time. Oh well, things will be well in due time I pray. More when I feel better.

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