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Wow how things change. I just called and talked to Jerry, who was recommended to me by the place that does personal assistants. We talked about all things: my needs, our lives, what we've been doing, and it looks really good. He's like maybe in his thirties or early forties which works. He's willing to be flexible (college students need this, me included), and he's also willng and wants to take less money than $10 an hour. Its amazing that he's so ungreedy. When I told him what they had told me about the rates that usually personal assistants charge, he was like "Isn't that a bit high?" and I was like, "Uh yeah, especially for what you're going to do for me." I wish there were more out there like him. So hopefully if all works out well, he'll start working with me when I get back up to Fayetteville on Monday. Here's hoping we'll be able to find all the classes we need to.

This is such a relief. I still don't know what the university will do with it, but at least we'll have a temporary plan, and if this works well, a permanent plan. He seems to be a neat uy so personality conflicts don't seem to be too much of a problem, and most of all, he's flexible, a must for me. I just worry about the volunteer issue because we can't at all make sure that they will be there when they say they will. Volunteers are well-meaning and essential, but I think maybe paying someone might be the better route.

So much less stressed :P. Time to logisticize things more and see how we can make this work, eat lunch, and maybe get a nap in. More soon.

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