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fun and excitement from the NWQ

I'm sitting down here in the Northwest Quad (my new dorm)'s tutoring center. Though I *could* have gone to the tutoring center in Gregson, getting transportation/help over there would be a slight problem, so here I am, without internet via wireless, writing this entry which I'll post later when I get back upstairs. I'm working now as a combined science/math tutor and asked for a maximum of eight hours. I most definitely got eight hours as I have two days of work, today for four hours, and Sunday. I don't know if this is going to be a good thing, but perhaps I'll help someone which will make it all worth it.

I did get my internet in my room back today, so that is good. Now I'm hoping that I can get enough upload bandwidth so I can use both Skype and broadcast a show. Its questionable that I'll get it as they've continued t not increase the available bandwidth to Res Net. So not only have they built this new dorm, but they've kept the internet the same. This is bad for little ole me who wants to actually upload legitimately.

Its really odd and saddening not having Fiona around. It would just be next to impossible to have her up here, so she's still in Little Rock, hanging with the fam while I rack my brains on quantum mechanics and will my body to heal. Until then, as I said in my phone post, I've been working with Jerry quite successfully. In fact, today, we even made it to all of my clases, on time, and in the right place. The one class that I hadn't had due to going to the wrong class by accident, Advanced Applied Mathematics, was daunting to say the least. I did make the professor laugh whenI exclaimed after he finished all the proofs that he wrote, "Wow, what a hell of a way to introduce me to this class".

I'm getting to where I know the building well enough to go down to meals either by myself (today was my first solo day) or with any of my room mates. Its interesting though how I still use radar to figure out where I am in the building kind of like I have a dog. My only drawback is that with a dog, I wouldn't have to do as I did today and stand in front of the elevator wondering how the hell I was going to make it downstairs, and "was I really at the elevator or just ..." Soon I hope to have the hang of things and hope I won't end up at the front desk rather than the tutoring center. I also hope I stop running into people. Luckily, my walker offers me a bit of a run into people free zone, so it kind of protects me. I'm quite safe doing it this way and by walking aolo, I feel like I'm accomplishing something, and I don't have to pay Jerry to come down just for a meal when I can either do it myself or get some help.

I couldn't have been luckier with the selection of my room mates, or I should say random assignment of my room mates. We're all engineers as I asid in my phone post. I'm the oldest in the suite, while the rest of them are sophomores. I suppose that's ok; they love it because I help them out with homework a lot. Richard and I are both Chemical Engineers, Clark and Scott are Bioagricultural Engineering majors. We share everything as far as kitchen appliances, so we have like three coffee makers on our bar, random tea that I brought in my pantry, and other assorted things that we can use from time to time. Its just neat to have people to hang out with when I have time; that and it doesn't feel like I'm totally isolated as I felt sometimes in Gregson.

My leg's doing reasonably. I have been dealing with the pain mostly by not concentrating that its there. That and I do think the pain is actually lessening. I know that teh movement of the bone has lessened, so I definitely appreciate that the time here is tricking my mind into thinking that time has passed quicker than it usually does. This is teh way to heal though, do it in a place where you can at least have the chance to have fun from time to time and though you're hindered at least a bit, you tend to forget your plight. I still have friends come up to me ad act as if nothing's wrong with me. I'm sitting there in my wheelchair and it'll take them a while to ask me if "I'm ok" at which point I launch into the narrative about what happened and then they connect the dots ad understand that ths wheelchair thing isn't normal and that its not permanent.

Tomorrow's my day off and I plan to use it to study some differential equations and rest a bit. You have no idea how tiring it is to sit in a chair for six hours in a day, legs outstretched. Its also quite tiring to drag myself all over the place with my arms, and I swear I'm going to have some major biceps by the end of this deal. I had some muscles built up from the last injury and now this one? Wow. Here's hoping that it'l be a long time till I have to build up muscles in this way again, I'd much rather work out and sculpt myself rather than do it out of necessity. More soon.

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