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this is almost as bad as Thanksgiving

I'm sitting here listening to fotball via the internet (because I wanted to write this journal entry and still catch up with the game) in a very empty room. Everyone else is either playing in the band or actually at the game. I'm not worried that I'm not actually at the game; I'm just thankful that I can listen to it on the radio away from the crowd allbeit the fact that this room is a bit cold. I'm having fun, always have fun when Arkansas leads and right now we're leading by 14 and its not even the end of the first quarter.

I just got back from my advisor Col. Myers's house where his wife fixed me and several of their friends lots of tasty Japaneese food. There were several people there including me, my advisor and his wife, and several other Japanese ladies that K (his wife) know. There was also a retired math professor who even taught Col. Myers a long while ago, and another guy was also there whose married to one of the other ladies. It was neat though, even though everyone switched effortlessly from English to Japanese, and only translated for those who needed it. Its just neat though that the Japanese wives have kept in touch as I am sure they're quite supportive of each other even though they're so far away from home.

The food was so varied and amazing that I don't even know if I can write it down here. Let's just say that I had two totally full dinner plates of varous Japanese food and a plate and a half of fruit. That, and I had some home made apple pie and ice cream. K always does this though to me, makes me eat. Whenever I get hurt, she trys to find a way to feed me, adn feed me, and feed me, because "Obviously you are just too thin". And I eat, and eat, and eat. She once brought me food to the hospital, and though I was in pain, I ate more than I had eaten in a long time. I suppose I'm thin, and I suppose I'll have to find more ways that I can at at their house more often because gaining weight most definitely wouldn't be a problem. If you know me or have hung out with me, you know taht I hardly ever clean my plate. This time, I cleaned my plate completely twice, a world record :). I have leftovers, and I'm thinking I'll be having those soon if I'm hungry enough, either that or I can figure out the microwave.

My first week here at the university has been quite well considering. I think the thing I am most definitely thankful for is taht I *am* here. Being here makes healing much easier for me to deal with. Already, I've been healing for three weeks, and I can tell it as the fragments of my femur have stopped moving as much. I've still got time to go, about 8 weeks, but with lots of work to do, and neat room mates to hang out with,I'm sure that time will move quite quickly. Speaking of cool room mates, I played poker last night with Scott, Richard, and his girl friend. I was the first to go out; perhaps I either need more luck or more experience before I start playing for money.

As far as classes gg, I've really been doing quite well in that department considering. I think one of the main reasons why I had so many problems earlier was because I came in late. I actually understood all my classes on Friday which is an ultimate plus. We've also been going to the right classes every time, so that's even more cool :P.

That's about all I have from here that might be interesting to write. I sincerely hope everyone in Florida fairs well through Hurricane Francis. Though I know those storms can be viscious, being a weather nut, I wouldn't mind experiencing one some day. Its warm outside and sunny, a very barable, and magnificent day outside, Gotta be thankful for some things in life :).

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