Ner (djner) wrote,

a busy busy dude

Hey guys,
You would think that having only ten hours of classes would leave me with lots of time to twddle my thumgs and/or crochet massively artistic creations in all of my spare time. Not the case.

With the challenge o getting around being just that, a challenge, with my difficult choice of classes, and many other things, I'm finding that I'm spending what little free time I have resting. My energy level is returning, and its starting to get easier for me to walk downstairs without totally feeling drained by the time I've walked the whole chow line and hit the table. Last night for example, I found the energy to run back upstairs to grab a Coke and my pillow that I use on my wheelchair. Both were welcome as it seems having the neat pillow Larry gave me for my birthday makes my leg hurt less. I worked another four, and most of what I did was continue reading my book, which I'm about a bit over halfway through. I also got some help from the math tutor on duty of all things. We found it quite funny taht I felt no shame in asking him for help, but I figured that he ought to know Advanced Applied Math quite well being that he took it this summer. He's also got an amazing amount of drive, so much that it makes sgenlaiche look lazy. This semester he's taking 26 hours, and he had seven classes on one day and still found the energy to come in to tutor/study. I now understand the subject much more, even though I worked with him for only about forty minutes. Its amazing how things become so much easier when you have a non theoritician explain things to you. It seems as spend mst of Advanced Applied class talking about the theory of the math rather than actually doing so last night's doing session was a welcome relief. The English tutor commented on how Greek and foreign we sounded, I was amazed that I actually understood.

My p chem classes continue to go well, or at least as well as ian be expeted when you're tasked to understand minute particles such as electrons. Its interesting that we're studying things that are totally abstract and not perceivable by the naked eye. So in that class, except for the complex math, I'm on a totally level playing field as the rest of my classmates, because reallly, physical chemists, I'm finding, are all blind or trained to be blind to some degree.

Bioprocess engineering is my favorite class, and it I am sure will become harder as we go along but still, its nice to ease myself into the day (8:30 class) for the relative shock of my later classes.

Jerry hasn't had any problems counting to 405 lately,a nd we've made it to all my classes. He's still studying counting, and swears he's madeit up to at least 700 in counting practice since last week.
Just met with the person who will be teaching me mechanics of materials. We've got a schedule now so hopefully I will continue to attempt to finish classes I need to finish so I can graduate.

And that's about it. I'm trying to stave away a headache at the moment, so I should go and lay dwn. Hopefully the medicine I just took, though it makes me feel sick, it could keep me from the ER and future nausea. More soon, when I'm feeling better.

Update: Headache averted, I hope Florida's this lucky with Ivan, somehow I doubt it. I wish you could just give Florida a shot in the ass when we see something coming along like I do. Thankful that I'm feeling better. This is one time Imatrex has actually worked, wow.

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