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integrals just need to die

Today was one of my longest days I've had this semester. It wasn't entirely too mentally taxing, but just took a long time ot get through, especially with the lot of arguing and cajoling I had to do.

I had the usual classes, the usual lectures, and the usual "what the ... that problem took one class period to complete?" And then I met with my professor number 405, Dr. Advanced Applied Math. I didn't have to ask him many questions, but wanted to talk to him more to figure out how I was to turn in homework, do tests, and complete general classwork. It was an impasse before we started and still is at the time of writing. His issue is that he doesn't know how to work with him as far as accomodating and being flexible. When you have to figure out new ways to do things, as I always have had to do, you have to be flexible, and at this point, Dr. Math isn't willing to be flexible. For him, I'm outside his comfort level, I defy what he thinks should be done in his mind as far as Advance Applied Math is concerned. The issue is with assignment length. I know that the class isn't easy; hell, it took one class period to do one problem today. Howeer, when he assigns nine problems to do over a week, he expects the others to do them and then turn them into him. I can do the problems, it may take me ages and kill hundreds of trees worth of braille, but my trials do not stop after my last integral has been integrated, my last differential differentiated. My trials, due to the fact that the center has no one who can read braille, finish with excruciating painfullness in the transcribing process. There, I'll have to read all those integrals to someone whose probably not had Advance Applied Math, and who probably won't know waht I'm talking about when I say "The integral from negative pi to pi of adx/dt+bsin 3xdydt) = blah. SO I'll probably have to spend the same time as I took to do the homework assignment just reading to someone who'll hopefully copy my answers down correctly.

Plan A is to scribe the assignment that I've already partially done and the one that's due this week, and then have another conversation with the professor. I'll also hopefully have kept track of the time I spent both doing the problems and the time it took to scribe my assignment. Then, armed with numbers, tired fingers, and laryngitis probably, I'll be able to push logic into him. We thought he would break but no, not yet at least. ITs just frustrating when a professor just doesn't get it. True, its hard to work with a blind person but you must be flexible, its the only way I'll pass this class. My feeling isthat the obstacle should be my understanding of the subject, not the fact that its going to take ages to convert the material I write into a form he can see.

Tonight I swear I'm going to bed early, reading some math first, but then going to bed. I need more than six hours of sleep, thats for sure.

Two good things did happen today, and I'll write about them before I close. Always good to close on a good note eh?

1. I found out that there's an Australian store here in Fayetteville. Why there's a store here that has all kinds of Australian stuff, I don't know. For the life of me I don't know how they can make money but anyway, I hope its cool because I really want some tim tams or mint slice and I want them now. THey are both tasty Assie cookies I miss a lot.
2. They're hopefully going to install an automatic opener on the doors outside the elevator. They're really heavy and difficult to open because they swing out. SO I have to do this little thing where I literally hang on the door as I open it and then slide my walker back. Don't know how long it will actually take for them to put it in, but hopefully soon. Right now, I have to get people to open up the door, either that or strain myself unnecessarily.

That's about it for now. Must rest I think.

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