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wedding preparations almost over; professors all sorted; life generally good :)

An update should be required of me, and now that the excitement of football, and an Arkansas win is behind us, I suppose I'll update, and I'm happy to report that this should be a short, happy, and informative update. How good is that?

Friday really was a good day. Though Jerry showed up 15 minutes late (I was so worried he wouldn't show), he did show up, and it was as if nothing happened. He continues to do his best to get me there on time and it was all good. Note: I just realized I forgot to finish this entry (I started writing it on Sunday and today is Tuesday so ...

Since Friday, things have proceeded on schedule. Jerry has continued to show up on time and get the job done with a smile. Its as if nothing has happened when he works with me which I guess is ok since he's getting the job done, getting me from point A to point B. Today's my easy day, so I thought I would make sure and let people know I'm alive adn reasonably well.

This weekend is Kelsea's wedding so I spent most of yesterday and today trying to figure out if I could miss my Friday classes so I can go home on Thursday. I have no classes on Thursday, so going home on that day will only affect my Friday classes. The class that I was mostly worried about is physical chemistry, and I talked with my professor yesterday. Dr. Chminator tells me that I must go to my sister's wedding on Thursday because "When your sister gets married, you must go as soon as possible". So given that advice, I felt much better about continuing preparations for the Thursday trip. I'll be riding down with Kelsea's maid of honor, who still goes to college up here, and as of yet, I haven't talked to her, but I assume we'll leave in the afternoon some time, and get there to greet all of the family that's supposed to come in that evening from Phoenix. There will be lots of family to see, so that will be good, and since all the planning is come close to being done, and since my sister is getting married, it will be a good and happy time and it will help me escape academia for at least a bit.

That said, on to more boring, and mundane academics which seem to rule the life when at a university. First and most importantly, I totally got my math class sorted out. After showing my papers to the guy on Friday afternoon and telling him how long I took to transcribe (40 minutes for two problems), he told em to get three problems transcribed for each assignment. This means I get to pick which ones get transcribed, and allows me to not have to have a live-in transcriber to write down everything mathematical at my beckon call. That's probably what it would take if I had to turn in all problems every time that they were assigned. This does not mean I won't do all of the problems as practicing math is the only way I or anyone can do well on an exam or in any branch of mathematics, but it just means I won't have to spend over double time converting them from braille into a readable form.

Physical chemistry is going well also as writing this journal entry is living proof that I have survived the cheminator. We met today during the class's test and he told me that he's being harder on me during our sessions because he is using them to test me as well as teach me. So basically, from what I understand, I won't have regular tests but will have to be on top of things all of the time and remember a lot, and if I can do that I should do well. You would think that memorizing things wouldn't help me learn, but it really does because pretty much if I don't learn the stuff, I risk getting yelled at by Dr. Cheminator and that, my friends is not fun at all, trust me. I don't know if I really enjoy doing this, sometimes I wish I could take a test and be in much less of a high pressure situation, but the thing that keeps me going is that he takes so much time out of his busy day to work with me one on one. He doesn't have to do this, and I greatly appreciate him.

That's about all I have to write about. Sorry I'm not as creative or precise as I said I'd be. I guess the need to do some Advanced Applied Math before leaving on Thursday is helping to kill my writing muses.

On a final note, I turned on the tv to find Ken Jennings gone from Jeopardy. I was not elated but sad that I may have missed his defeat. Looking on the web though, I found out that he is on a two week hiatus until his return on October 4. Until then, it'll be nice to watch some real competition for a change. He's supposed to lose soon, according to some rumors, at his 75 game mark, but I'll believe it when/if it happens. I'm just glad I'm not the only one who thinks it is a bit unfair to keep him on. Saturday's New York Times had an editorial almost exactly mirroring my views. Very neat.

More soon.

Finally, the menu for the Rehearsal Dinner. This is gonna be fancy. What more should I expect from Miss Marsha ™

Pinwheels of ham & herbed cheese
Cherry tomatoes stuffed with crabmeat
Assorted Chef's canape's (little round toasts and crackers topped with cheeses, vegetables, and meats, usually very decorative)
Spanakopita (spinach & feta in filo dough)
Appetizers will be passed to guests "butler style" on trays with offerings of white or red wine, non-alcoholic wine, water or soft drinks.
Dinner Menu:
Salad of Baby spinach, bacon, & chopped eggs with balsamic honey vinaigrette
Lemon Sorbet (ah, yes, we must cleanse the palate! )
Petite Tenderloin of Beef with cabernet sauce
Sauteed Grouper Filet with citrus beurre blanc
Angel hair pasta
Chef's vegetables (steamed asparagas)
fresh rolls with whipped butter
Capital Hotel Signature Dessert of Baklava Cheesecake
fresh brewed coffee

I told Jerry that after this whole thing I would be fat and hard to push :P.

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