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Ner's Random Musings on a life of interesting insights

a world of interesting factoids about nothing and everything

September 22nd, 2004

(ec)statics @ 11:53 pm

Current Mood: ecstatic ecstatic

Before this day is over, I wanted to talk about the good news. If you haven't been reading my journal for a while (mostly last semester and the semester before), you might not know the statics saga. Basically I worked with a dude who really didn't want to work with me, and vice versa. I shouldn't say he didn't want to work with me, but because he wasn't very flexible (he's been teaching for aeons), I decided I would start working with a graduate student rather than Dr. Jong. I had so many engineers that envied me, as Jong really causes all who take him to shudder, speak in tongues, and basically go crazy. Well, after several delays including two broken legs, today, after taking an hour exam orally, I finished statics. You have no idea how happy this makes me because I've been trying to finish statics since I came back from Australia, since this journal was created, and its as if these things have been going on forever and forever. Its almost like its my 21st birthday again, I've got at least three partys planned with all of the people who have helped me get through it, and all of those parties are deserved for all. I can't wait to drink a cold one, toasted to the slaying of statics.

On another note, today, though it was long, was reasonably good. After all of my classes, I took that exam and came back here to watch Jerry do my laundry :), and then talk to my room mates. I've become chief technical officer of b322, and my stock continues to go up. I fixed our stereo system today so now we've got a working sub woofer and some mean bass, and I also did some scanning for them. I think its awesome that I can help them as much as they help me, so I try to do as much for them as they do for me.

We got our hot water back as well, so I had a full length hot shower this afternoon. Thank goodness the system wasn't down for more than a daym and also thanks that it wasn't winter when it went out. Otherwise we'd lose heat as well as hot water.

I went to tutoring and helped no one, as usual, but then called the person who is going to let me ride with her to the wedding stuff. We thought that we were going to go on Thursday, but Megan's got a Bible study to do tomorrow night, so we're going to leave very early on Friday morning. This should give me time to do some writing and contacting of NABS people, and most importantly, do some Advanced Applied math. I actually wanted to go home tomorrow, mostly because I miss Fiona, my dog, so much, but I'll get to see her soon enough, and I really think that being able to do work will be a good thing since I really doubt I'll get much done over the weekend.

On a totally unrelated note, and to close, Neil came over to visit me in the tutoring center and he brought me ice cream yet again. I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever actually help anyone. At least I made $7.50 on the deal, and got tasty ice cream and good conversation out of the deal :). More soon.
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Date:September 22nd, 2004 11:46 pm (UTC)
You are AWESOME! And awesome is in all capital letters.
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Date:September 23rd, 2004 12:41 am (UTC)
This is all great news! Glad everything seems to be working out!

I want Jerry to do my laundry, too (LOL).


The Prez
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Date:September 23rd, 2004 02:24 am (UTC)
statics ate my lunch when I was an engineering student! go, YOU!!!

hope it was chocolate ice cream with some kind of chunks or nuts. . . ummmmmmmm
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Date:September 23rd, 2004 04:29 am (UTC)
Hot water is definitely a good thing, and I know about not having any, (I went all last year without having any real hot water), and so could, and still do, appreciate the fact that I have an unlimited supply of the stuff this year. It's quite cool!

As for Statics, I'm glad and happy for you that you finally finished it, (I know how long you've been waiting to finish it, but you finally did, and that's cool).

As for Miss Fiona, I'm sure she misses you, toobut you'll see her soon, so hopefully it'll be all good.
Okay, I've rambled on enough.
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Date:September 23rd, 2004 01:50 pm (UTC)
Congrats on finishing Statics!! I'm really happy for you! Teachers who don't want to help are the worst! I remember quite a bit of that!
BTW, I knew there was something I was forgetting. I need to look at my article ideas journal, and I'll email you about the NABS Advocate.

Ner's Random Musings on a life of interesting insights

a world of interesting factoids about nothing and everything