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I'm sitting here doing my show and talkng as little as I can. Yesterdeay I noticed my top lip kind of getting a bit numb. NO problems, I thought, just probably something really stupid that'll fix itself soon. Today its ogtten steadily worse as the day has gone on. My face is numb from just under my right eye to the right half of my lep, and a bit left of the centerline in my mouth I had someone take a look at it that was at Larry's cookout that I just got back from, and she said that she thought it was probably an infection of some kind and that something was pressing on a nerve in my mouth, making everything numb. This is kind of scary because when I get infected in my mouth or near my bones for example, it could get bad, and get bad fast, mostly because of my bone condition. All I camn do is hope that the thing doesn't progress too far and hope that I can get to a dentist back home right after my appointment on Monday in Little Rock. Needless to say, eating has been getting successively hard to do as the day's progressed and when I tried to drink, I got a good bit of the beer on myself rather than in me and it felt like I was eating half a hamburger rather than eating a whole one. So I guess hopefully I'll be able to fix things soon because it would really suck to get a major infection going because that'd mean IV and that would suck even more. Give me Ceflex any day, but when you go above that ...

I played poker last night at Larry's again. Apparently I'm getting better at HOldem, either that or I've been very lucky as I ended p winning against two people. Larry was the first to "go out" (lose all of his chips), then a couple of hands later, he decided to get more chips so he could continue to play. He went out again, and then the guy who I was playing with, aided by quite a bit of alcohol and tipsiness, lost his. It was good fun, good food, and a great release for the ending week.

Classes today and yesterday were good and informing, even if my mouth did keep getting worse throughout them. The only excitement happened with Jerry, not that that's abnormal or anything :P but anyway. Today he couldn't find his keys so we went to Plan B status. Everything went as planned, and I made it to all of my classses on time allbeit with several different people taking from here to there. It worked out yesterday but whose to say it would continue working? I just worry that if one of those people didn't show up, if one of the pieces didn't fit completely together as planned, because the university disabilities center chooses not to take me from class to class but only from building to building, I might find myself stranded somewhere which might be a bad thing, especially since its fall now, almost winter, and it really does get kinda cold in the morning. That's why I have Jerry though, and when that works, it works great. But as you have to do with chemical plants, you design things in duplicate and triplicate just in case one piece fails. I think my motto in life should be "To plan C and onward!!".

And with that, and since I've already had to restart my computer due to a spontaneous soundcard crash and since I must pack, and pack quickly, I probably should end while I'm somewhat ahead. I guess my Dad's coming up here "early" tomorrow rather than Sunday which was what I thought it would be so hence my feverish packing. Oh well. More soon.

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