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I really hate these subject fields. The only thing that seems to save them in my mind is that there are times when they are useful. Today is not one of those times as its yet another Sunday, another boring and normal Sundays. So, before I do some studying and make sure my music library's in order for today's show, I thought I'd update.

Friday's doctor's appointment was pretty uneventful. The most exciting thing was mostly us getting lost, driving up and down the street that the place was on, and consequently showing up late. The neurologist, a young guy, probably thirtyish, named Dr. Kaplan, the name the same as the neurologist who diagnosed me with osteopetrosis when I was a baby. The doctor varified, yes, the upper right part of my face was indeed numb. He didn't offer any sure cure, but told me that we should get and MRI and see if there were "any evidence of stroke or tumor, anything like that." And then we'd see if I should do anything but wait. I think I'll probably just have to wait for things to sort themselves out and the nerves to fix whatever happened three or four weeks ago. Whatever, I don't know if this visit will cure anything with me, I've gotten used to the numbness. I did end up getting two things, eight free injections of Imatrex which I hope not to use, and a digitally printed out photo of Fiona and I. I guess when new patients come in, to put a face to the voice on the phone, they take a digital pic of the patient, print it out, and put it on the chart. With me, they took both of us in one picture. Pretty neat I guess.

I also got interviewed by our local newspaper for a column to be pulished this Friday. He wants to explore the fact that we really need an audible signal across the busy street that everyone has to cross to get to the rest of the campus. This is just one step that I hope will help convince at least some to understand how much this is needed. That street is dangerous for anyone sighted, much less a blind person who could get run down by those many who don't heed the lights. This is pretty much why I go with people or on the golf cart across to the other side.

Yesterday I spent the whole day doing Alpha Chi Sigma (the chemistry fraternity) initiation stuff. It went well, and though it was long, it could have been longer. I met lots of new people, including the new initiates, some of them I actually knew. One brother, someone who was initiated in the early 90s, works in radio here in Fayetteville. SO not only did she help me with organizing my part, but we occupied our time talking about how she does commercial radio and how I do my small-time noncommercial shows. Funnily, she knew little about this, so we both learned, and, I ended up getting an invite to hang with her in the Clear Channel studios sometime in the next couple of weeks. I'm sure I'll have more to write about that when it happens. After the initiation was over, we all went to the Taste of thai, ate, and then went to a guy's house to drink and be merry. I mostly conversed with people and was in fact merry. We've got a great crop of new people, so this should be a good year for us I hope. One of them comes from New Zealand, so its always fun to give her a hard time about her country and her about Australia.

So we're back to today. I spent entirely too much time at the dining hall, reading, drinking lots of coffee, and talking to some of my friends who nabbed me as I was leaving to take Fiona out. And that's about it from here. Which means I probably should close and get to actual real work. I've got a math exam on Tuesday, and I *better* do well. More soon.

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