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We've been pretty busy in the tutoring center lately, mostly because people tend to get desperate as they get closer to the end of their semester's finality. The drop date for all classes has in fact passed, but that doesn't seem to stop the hopelessly lost people who are taking chemistry or physics. I don't know about our math genius John, but I know I've been the only one to have someone today, and that was right when I got here. So ton ight has been a quiet evening as a comparison to last Sunday and Wednesday where I was pretty much working nonstop throughout. So it was a relief to be able to sit on the phone on the NABS conference call and not get pulled away from the monthly meeting. Not that I *really* enjoy meetings, but it is kind of nice to think about non science things while I'm getting paid to be available to think about anything from biology, to chemistry, to physics, or to chemistry at the drop of a pin.

Since I wrote last, I've figured out more of the scope of not only my project or internship, but I've also figured out what might be involved in making an "accessible" interface to the simulator I will have to use. Basically I'll have to make something that will draw the things (the operations) for me. From what I've researched, this should all be possible, but I'll have to get real familiar with Visual before I get anything totally workable. I can probably do it all in Excel, but it might be more efficient to have an actual application which allows me to zip between unit operations, adding them as I go on. For those of you who have no idea what the hell I'm talking about, I just have to write a piece of software, a program, that talks to the simulator for me. With my software, I'll be able to select various units that I'll need to model my refinery, and most importantly, I'll be operating in a text environment with no pretty pictures allowed. After I get done though, after I get done interfacing with the simulator, I'll be able to pull up the actual simulator and all the changes I've made in my handy program will be represented graphically. Sounds complicated eh? Well, it is :). I smile because I'm truly looking forward to the challenge. I don't really like programming, but its beter than some things I could be doing.

I had a really good time with Nikhal (my mechanics of Materials teacher) and his friends. We played a game called three card, translated from Hindu of course because I don't know how to spell it. As its pronounced phonetically however, its called "teen Parti) Tin Parti I think its spelled. Its basically a type of poker complete with betting and raises. As compared to Texas Holdem, I think there's probably more luck and skill in betting. With Texas HOldem, you can be more skilled with the way you play your cards but with Tin Parti, you ply with three cards and that's it. The card game was fun, but I think the most fun thing was playing with the people. I was the only American, and everyone was very amazed that I was game enough to come along and play. They didn't change they way yhey played or how they acted around me. They spoke almost exclusively in Hindi, and I had to ask all the time "What's going on now?" They did well to keep me in the loop, and I appreciated that. Because it was a celebration of Divali, the Indian festival of lights, everyone was very happy and full of energy, and though I didn't catch everything that was said, the feeling of goodwill was contagious. I ended up only losing like a dollar too (we played with quarters, nickels, and dimes) so that was also a bonus. If I'd have played till 6 or 7 A.M. like most of the others, I may have cnme out ahead, but I stayed from 11:30 PM to 2:30 AM, and I still paid for it the next day. I remember most of the game, but because of the late night, it was all kind of a haze because I listened to it while laying there. I got the gist of it though, and knowing that we beat Ole Miss but knowing it in a haze couldn't replace the good times I had with the Indians. I even got invited back, so I guess they liked my company as well.

I'm getting coser and closer to getting my degree completed. My advisor still swears to me that if I get done with all I need to do, he'll get everything turned in as well. I don't see any problem with this plan as it'll just take me one step closer to an exploration into the "real world" whatever that is.

Well, my time here is almost up, so I suppose I need to head back upstairs, post this, and then head to bed. All the best to everyone. I can't wait to have more time to get caught up with everyone's journals and as a consequence, get more familiar with the crises and good times in your lives. More soon.

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