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I feel no need to type on a mini laptop keyboard, so you'll all have to excuse any spelling mistakes caused by my slow fingers and/or my wireless keyboard's lack of skill in communicating with its receiver.

Things continue to speed toward the end of the tunnel with blinding, excuse the pun, speed. I finished Reactor Design this week and tomorrow and next week's project before I go home is going to be organizing the completion of Analytical Chemistry. I'm not concerned with my grades, but this week's done a hell of a lot for the old grade point. Imagine having like 12 hours of F on your transcript. Next imagine those F's mysteriously disappear and reappear as A's. I was really actually surprised about those grades in some of my classes I finished this week because I basically had to take a final at the end and that counted for a big part of my grade. The only one I was border line on was Reactor Design, but I pulled that one out.

I've continued working on getting Chemcad, the simulator program that I need to use for my internship, to work via some form of deadly force if necessary with Jaws. Right now, Jaws is winning the battle with some bloodshed, but its looking promising. The software company is at least receptive to opening up a channel into the innards of the software so I can get what information I need out of it. The problem at this point is that I can't build anything without totally stressing myself out with moving little graphics around on the screen. They say they'll get back to me, and we'll see. My overall impression of the program is good, though the crucial parts of the process, building a plant, I can't do right now. There's few times that you ever go into a job and have a working simulation. That's why I'm becoming an expert in chemical simulation, so I can design plant models for people so they can optimize them the way they can't. If I can't build, I'm screwed, and I've lost, but I will win, I swear it.

After having a successful and relatively painless physical chemistry session today, I went over to the new health center to get some lab work related to my calcitriol regiment. I figured, yeah I'd be there for fifteen minutes, get blood drawn and pee in a cup, that kind of thing, and I'd be done. fate didn't have it in the cards for me today, confusion reigned supreme. First they had to find my lab orders. Then once they found those, they had to decipher my doctor's hand writing. All I could do was smile as they tried to figure it out. A bit of background, I was getting a calcium and phosphorous blood test done, and for urine, they were analyzing for Calcium and creatineene. Here was the conversation paraphrased of course.

Person 1: "So we're getting chromium done right? It says ... (crinkle crinkle flip flip) CR I think. That would tell me Chromium."
Person 2: "Well hmmm, why would we be testing for chromium."
Me with super ears and lots of time on my hands then yells over from the waiting room "creatineene, not chromium"
Person 1: "Oh, maybe we should call the doctor and make sure what he wants."
They then call the doctor and find out what I've told them, they never listen to the patient I swear :). Then chemistry 101 commences as they determine how they're going to get these tests done.
"Let me look this up, it says that we need 6 N, I mean N, I mean M, no wait, its N, yeah N, onormal. We need 6 ML normal HCl."

I know I am a weird case so I can't claim that they're incompetent, they're far from that. It was just funny listening to them argue whether or not it was Chromium or not, and where exactly the HCl was.

The outcome of all that crap, after thirty minutes of course was that I got my blood taken at least. The only hitch is that my doctor changed his mind and decided to get a 24 hour urine sample. This means I get the pleasure of peeing into a jug for a day starting tomorrow morning. I can't freaking wait. Actually it'll be interesting to see just how much you actually pee over a whole day. I'll stop that, I know I'm the only one who would be interested in this scientific yet gross fact of life.

nd with that, I suppose I'll have to leave you with that pleasant thought. All of these little challenges in my opinion are worth it. Not only are these trials interesting to read I'm sure, but they're interesting to act out as I do on a daily basis in my life :). Thank goodness I like challenges eh? More soon.

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