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I thought the game was starting at 4:30, that's when they said it would start last week, but perhaps I misheard or they changed the game time. I turned it on at 4, after a long leisurely nap, and "1:20 left in the game". Woops. At least we won, 24 to 21, and I'm finding the post game quite informing. Perhaps I'll find a game to listen to later to make up for it but ist still annoying. that I missed the exciting game. Of course, it doesn't fix things that we've done so badly the whole year, but they've acted typically "Razorback" and started and ended out good. It'll be extra fun watching it at home on Friday with Liz. THe key will be being consistent throughout the game in Little ROck.

Away from bohrhrhrhrrring local sports natterings, I suppose. I've spent the day being reasonably lazy, taking my afformentioned nap being the feature highlight/booboo. I got up this morning and took my specimen as they call it, to the lab at the health center. Its somewhat anooying that that's the only place I can really go to from the Quad, but its the only place this side of Maple that I don't have to cross that mad street. We still don't have much progress on the audible signal at the corner of Maple and Garland, the intersection near the Quads, but that's governemt for ya. There's apparently a group who wants to donate one of the signal sets, but they won't put them in until they have donations for three places on campus. At least that's something.

The collection, as the lady at the health center, went well. She wanted to know if I had any problems with it or "splattered on myself." I didn't, and it wsn't really a hard thing to do, but I'm sure glad to not have to use precision aiming anymore. Thank goodness I won't have to do this anymore, as my next monthly checks will be spot checks only and not the 24 hour ones.

I've got to work on mechanics of materials today and tomorrow, and that's about the only highlight I think I've ot going. Of course, I've got assignments to do, I've always got homework, but it shouldn't be too hard going. I can't come up with anything more to blab about, so I suppose I'll close. Thanksgiving is soon upon us. Yay.

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