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What was up with that subject. I think I've become rusty as it comes to journal writing in the past month. Jean, who is one of myavid readers/worriers, called me yesterday and asked me if I I was too in love to write. I don't know about the love thing, what is true love anyway and how long does it take t fall in love (another possible entry topic for sre), but I've sure been busy. I've been doing lots of stuff, but have either had no time to write, or after doing all the things I had to do on a particular day, I didn't have energy or the drive to write. So now, your update from me. Hope you enjoy it.

I put this behind a cut because it could get long seeing is (a) I've let my journal and my various lj friends go for a month. Plus you probably wouldn't have wanted to hear about my final taking and paperwork filling out.

Here's the short story, and you can stop weading after you read this because as far as Iam concerned, all pails in comparion to this.


Ok, now you can go back to your previously scheduled programs or continue reading.

I've spent most of my time in the last month doing just what I thought I'd be doing, finishing up and tying things together. That meant spending many hours studying for finals, and in the case of analytical chemistry, finals of subjects I hadn't thought about in a year. I came out of it all pretty much unscathed, with a's and I believe b's) (I'm not sure with analytical chemistry if I'll get a B or a C but that doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things.) That's pretty good since I finished about 30 hours of coursework in a short period of time. I don't mean I actually attended 36 hours of work, but I did finish that many classes with incompletes I've mopped up. I even got an A in Physical Chemistry which really amazes me. I still have one to finish, bioprocess, but that's for my graduate degree, and that can wait till the end of this week. All that said, should end up with a bit over a 3.6 gradepoint, which is pretty neat considering all of the setbacks and annoyances I've had to deal with over the years. It hasn't been all bad, my studies abroad sure were great :), but its sure even more great (I know my grammar on that is absolutely WRONG, but who cares.

My social/love life continues to look up. Liz and I had a great time on her visit here in Thanksgiving, even if we all had to deal with 5 dogs total. GLad the whole family are dog lovers. THough I've been busy with schoolwork, I made it a point to take breaks and hang with my friends. I spent lots of time playing poker and eating, both of which are a great unwinding technique. I'm learning some good techniques with betting in poker, what not to do mostly :), so when the accessible version of Holdem comes out, I should be ready to relieve some poor blind dudes of their chips.

And now its Christmas break and I have all the time I don't know what to do with. Once I finish that bioprocess I REALLY won't know what to do, because I really don't know what to do when I have nothing hanging over my head. I'll welcome that feeling.

We're not planning too much for Christmas Day, but we're pretty booked up, so to speak, after Christmas. Liz, my sister, and Philip, her husband, are coming on the 27th, so we'll probably do all the Christmas things on the 28th. Then in the evening, we're going to burn this huge bonfire (more when it happens), with some of our other friends, in essence, getting Christmas and New Years celebarations out of the way in one day.

I'm all done with my Christmas shopping, even though with amazon's free shipping, its all supposed to get here after Christmas, but since we're going to open most of our presents after Christmas, it really doesn't matter does it?

So lately, I've been spending my days at home taking dogs out (Philip and Kelsea left their dog here, so when my parents aren't here, I have to figure out how to keep the three dog circus that is my life going). Since I have time, I've also been reading books. I usually can get through a 400 page book in a day, so that keeps the mind busy and engaged, and keeps me out of trouble.

I know I've left some things out, one of which is the tour I had of the Clearchannel studios. I probably should get some lunch soon though, so I'll write about that in the next update, which will be soon for a change. I can't want to start reading ournals again. These one month stretches of non updates are sure for the birds, and I'm definitely not a bird.

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