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Two cups of coffee down, one to go, and its yet another morning entry from me while I bask in the relative warmth of the fire.

Its trying to decide whether or not tosnow, sleet, or rain outside. We're forecast to get 1 to 2 inches of snow with more up near my second home in Fayetteville (3 o 5 inches). It won't be snowing by Christmas, but we'll probably still have some snow, depending on how much it actually snows in central Arkansas, by the 25th. Does that mean we'll have a white Christmas, who knows. I also was trying to come up with a usable word for a combination fo snow, sleet, and rain, but the best I could do was sneetain, which really doesn't sound cool. Any ideas?

I don't have too many plans today. My dad has started his vacation but my Mom still has to stay at school until 3:30, even though kids aren't still there. Its amazing, but even today, Wednesday, Search High School students had to go to school today, for one period. What's the point?

I've got books to scan today, five of them. I can't wait as I need more reading material, seeing as I've read 1000 pages in the past three days. I don't know how I do it, but one thing I can do is sit there for hours without interruption and read. I get sucked in by the story, and henceforth can blast through hundreds of pages in a matter of hours. Ah, the life. I still have to finish three prblems on my fminal, but since no one really cares, and since I already hae an incomplete in that class, I'll finish it in a while.

Cammie, the webmaster for NABS (The National Alliance of Blind Students) sent me a link with my current Student Advocate I worked on most of the week before last. The newsletter/magazine ended up being about 20 pages long and it looked ok on the web. I was amazed I'd be able to come up with that much material, so was happy when it was all done. I had some issues with it though and emailed her about it. My biggest issue was with layout and usability with screen readers and I relayed my concerns. I don't know what the best layout for it is, but hopefully that will get fixed or we can come up with a compromise at some point soon. At the least, I hope my spelling/grammar errors I found will get fixed. Isn't it always the way that when you publish something, you always find errors after the fact. At least its not published publically now so it can be changed.

Well that's about all that I want to talk about as far as current events. I can't wait until we get to start baking. Even though I won't be able to have things with lots of chocolate and/or calcium in them, technically, I'm sure I'll find something to enjoy. Before I go, I wanted to write about my radio tour at the Clearchannel studios before I forgot.

I went on Dead day, the day where there's no classes, so I didn't miss any classes which was a bonus. It was really a neat experience. The person I went with does what's called voice tracking. Basically, she does several shows in a day, all in different markets. For instance, we did shows last Wednesday for Thursday shows in Fayetteville, Little Rock, Amarillo, TX and another place in Texas. She wanted me to be a part of the shows, so I gladly accepted. THe most fun part about voice tracking was that I got to pretend that I lived or was currently in the particular places we were doinga show for. We did two country shows and a Christmas music format show together, and I most enjoyed acting. I guess its cheaper to pay someone somewhere else to record their voice and act like its live than it is to pay a dj on site to broadcast in say the middle of the work day or late at night, so many of the shows you hear on certain stations throughout the day have actually been recorded hundreds of miles away, sometimes on totally different days than they've purported to be.

I actually got to do a show in Little Rock, the Christmas music channel, and that one was the most entertaining. I got a call on Thursday, about an hour before my Analitycal Chemistry final from one of my friends from Little Rock. She wondered why it was I was home so early (I had to pretend I was home already), so I had to explain. She swore it sounded live; I told her I had to go and take a final. I told her to enjoy it because I predicted through divine intervention and precognition that the music would be good. Technology is great isn't it?

I also got to listen to myself while tutorig the night before and that was a bit weird. Overall, I really enjoyed the experience, and she enjoyed having me in the studio with her. I think she mostly appreciated the fact that not only was I interested in Radio, but I also knew quite a bit about the stuff. If possible jobs become available, I might consider doing a part time job somewhere, but I won't either hold my breath or absolutely do it. The money in radio and the lack of excitement might prevent me from jumping at the chance to broadcast myself far and wide. I'll stick to internet and college radio, where I can play pretty much what the hell I want.

More soon.

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