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Romey ski lodge for dogs now open for business

Come one, come all, bring your dogs. The Romey Ski Lodge is now open for business. For a small fee, you too can bring your dogs here and they can enjoy the 3 inches of powder pack white stuff while it lasts. YES its true, our ski lodge is open to any and all dogs. We'll even Feed them!!! Maybe. We pay someone lots of mone so your dogs will feel at home, even if they want to come in and out twenty, thirty, yes even forty times a day. There's plenty of snow for them to eat and pee in, so come one come all, bring 'em now, while the fun lasts.

Still pretty cold here, but we're managing. The three dogs are absolutely driving me crazy as they seem to want to go outside all the time and wait to come in so you freeze your feet off waiting for their sorinesses to get in. They don't understand that we humans don't have fur. If only we did.

Speaking of cold, and aptly timed. My mom and I were watching The Discovery Channel, yeah I know, dorky, and they had this special on The Ice Hotel, the first and biggest one, located in the far north reaches of Sweden, 120 km away from teh north pole. They talked about how its built (they have to build it every year you see), and what it might be like to stay there. They have several weddings there every year. Can you imagine a wedding night in a ice building? It's pretty neat though; they have individualized suites that artists design ice sculptures to put in. The temperatures are around 20 degrees while its still standing, which is usually warmer than it is outside. My Mom and I decided it would be neat to go there as a vacation sometime next winter/spring. Yeah its expensive, but how many people can say they're going close to the north pole to have fun? They even have an ice bar and you get glasses made of ice. I'm game!!! Hey, you do get complimentary warm clothes and thermal sleeping bags. Works for me.

We're not doing anything today. It really feels like Saturday today even though its Thursday. Everyone is home, and my Dad's started the daily tradition of coming in to play Spades. N problem, I've now got a blanket out on our leather couch, and so have a place to escape for a while. The only thing I HAVE to do is practice a piece I've promised to play for church on Sunday. Apparently, they're having a college day where people who are in college participate. Should be fun if I can come up with an arrangement that I like. I don't play by sight of course, but compose arrangements when I feel inspired. I don't necessarily feel inspired yet, but maybe after drinking some hot chocolate and listening to some Christmas music I'll get that way.

That's about all. This is ner, your guide for today , signing off.
That's about all. This is ner, your guide for today , signing off.

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