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merry Christmas

Yet another December 25, and its hard to imagine I've had 25 of them in my short life. This one is a bit different than the others, but it's still Christmas, and that is the most important things.

We're planning on heading out here in about an hour to one of our friends house's, the Smith's. They were nice enough to invite us over there to have Christmas dinner with them because its just the three of us.

My Dad just gave me a card from my Grandma, a tasty gift certificate which I'll probably use next week. Its to Macaroni Grill, one of my favorite places. We're opening up all of the presents on the 27th or 28th, so my "big" Christmas won't be until then. Commercialization and present opening isn't what Christmas is all about, so I'm not concerned in the least. Depending on the time when we open up gifts, Liz might even be there which will be neat. Its probably good that we're not opening up all the presents because I haven't gotten all of my gifts in the mail. So I'll probably spend much of Monday wrapping, that is, once the UPS guy gets here. We were supposed to get some stuff yesterday, but roads were still pretty bad yesterday, so I'm sure we'll get them soon.

We ended up going to the 4 pm service so that we could theoretically escape the icy roads. Simply put, we didn't. I don't understand why there are so many people in Arkansas who haven't the slightest idea of how to drive on snow, ice, or snice, which is what we mostly drove on. Luckily, we had my Dad's four wheel drive manly truck, so we were able to conquer all. One word to the wise, when you're on ice, keep at a speed, a good speed that is. Don't just stop on the ice like an idiot just because you're scared of the scary hills. We even passed a poor dude in the rough ice on the left because he was going 5. Keep that up and we'd probably end up (a) in the ditch, or (b) still be on the road from Jacksonville this morning. The service was great, though the 4:00 service definitely had lots of people who had the same idea. There were lots of people who hadn't ever been to our church, and that was great. Luckily, no one lit themselves on fire from the candles, and that was good too.

And that's about all from here. Have a great holiday (whichever you celebrate), and if you're in the bahumbug mood, have a great day. Journal's almost 3, so I'll write about it on the day. More soon.

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