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I love to smell good home cooking during the holidays. Today is our Christmas and my mom's slow cooking a turkey for dinner tonight. so the whole house smells wonderful right now. I'll be getting two boxes as gifts with two to go. Apparently, the two boxes I REALLY need have been unloaded but not not out for delivery. Darn. This may not be a problem if we open presents tomorrow so I'm not too worried. Even if we open stff today, I'll just wrap the stuff that comes and go from there.

I played Good Christian Men Rejoice yesterday at church. I had the hardest time coming up with an arrangement that would sound original, and last three and a half minutes. I ended up practicing for about an hour and a half, and finally got it. I'm always nervous when I do these performances because I never pla a piece the same way twice being that its a lot of improvization, but it seemed to go well. I was amazed to know that so many people in our church didn't know I played piano. Evn our head pastor hadn't heard which tells you how long (five years or so) its been since I've played. I mostly enjoyed putting smiles on admiring kids who thought it was neat I could play so well. I especially liked the three boys I talked to who hated practicing as much as I did when I was a kid. Unfortunately, you have to practice to get good, so I didn't hae any good news for them, but was able to get a flashback to how I felt when I was eight or nine. The rest of the service went well, though all of the college students that participated in it were younger than me, further increasing my drive to be done with academics once and for all, at some point soon.

I've got one more book to scan before Liz gets here. I probably should be a considerate boyfriend and pay attention to her rather than read a book. I'm excited that she'll be here later this evening. Hopefully she'll get here before midnight as last time it was like 12:20 A.M. when we picked her up Its not raining today and the snow is melting quickly today, so I doubt there will be much in the way of delays today. We'll increase by a dog and three people by tomorrow, but I can't wait.

My sister and Philip will get here this afternoon. I think my sister's looking forward to Christmas dinner and being here at home.

I'm yet again running out of things to say. I'm sure that wn' last too long.

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