Ner (djner) wrote,

saturation point yet again

News pervades me yet again, and though I feel the need to keep watching the news, to keep informed, I still feel a bit saturated. I probably will keep watching the news knowing me. Although it is depressing, I still enjoy keeping up with what's going on in the world. It still amazes me that they are aBLE TO BRING sorry for the caps lock thing, all the news directly from the battle lines. It's both comforting that the military has an independent voice in the conflict in journalists and freaks me out that if anything goes wrong it will be caught live on tape or satellite only to be replayed and replayed over and over again.

Have been reading the Iraqi guy's blog from blogspot today, I won't relay it here unless someone really wants me to because I've seen it all over the place. It's really amazing that he has internet in the first place and also that he's able to write. I don't think many have internet still over there though the number is growing. I still am unclear as to if people really want Saddam in power, I doubt it somehow, they lost the English only radio station just the other day, so all is being locked down. I still think that the war will go on longer than people expect it to, I just have a feeling, and I sincerely hope I am wrong. I have a problem not only with the Iraqi propaganda but the American propaganda as well, hopefully something will be found in the way of sanity balanced with the true story.

In other news, I missed most of the cricket game. It was boring any way. India won so it will be India versus Australia in the finals. How exciting! Only thing is that I have to get up at 2.30 a.m. to watch the whole thing. I doubt I'll make it but who knows. It will all depend on how bad the commentary is or how boring the match is on whether or not I will be able to stay awake.

Well, off to watch soe more news and read soe more journals / blogs. More later.

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