Ner (djner) wrote,

Stories keep pouring in about the destruction and total oblitteration of people's lives due to the tsunami. ITs so hard to imagine how people who had so much in the gift of life and now have nothing. And yet life goes on, eeven if we continue to watch the news. Why must we be concerned so much with morbidity in our world? We. myself in cluded, are guilty of this. I wish everyone the best, and that's about all I can do. The only thing I CAN do is some kind of monetary gift, and that I plan on doing, but we must move on.

Today is Liz's last day here until she has to try to make it back to Delaware in the forecasted rain and ice. I know she'll make it there safe and sound, and I know she'll be back or I'll be back there, so I'm not too worried.

We went to the River Market today for lunch at an almost deserted sports bar. Besides the trolley, which we rode, most things were closed, s we had little choice. My old teacher Jo came along as well, and we enjoyed both eating, and riding the new trolley around. There's not much usefulness in the old-time trolleys as fara s public transportation, but its still a neat and touristy way to see Little Rock. Eventually, yu'll be able to go to the Clinton Library on it which will be neat. I haven't been to the library but plan to go at some point son when Larry and Jennifer come down to go to it and after we go, head back up to Fayetteville. I bet trolley driving would get kind of boring after a while of driving in circles all day. Good drivers talk to their passengers about the history of the area, but these guys were kind of quiet. The only thing I really learned was that the trolleys were built, new, in Iowa. There are old parts to them,original control boxes for example, but the internal wood is new, and teh cars themselves. It runs on 600 volts DC which would hurt to get shocke by for sure. There'sno electric third rail, everything's overhead. We went around the river market district, and then transferred to a trolley that took us over the Arkansas Rier to North Little Rock and around there.

All bad Tsunami news aside, as a whole, the day was great. I've got a big day planned tomorrow. Liz is heading back early, provided weatehr doesn't delay her too much, and my piano is getting delivered tomorrow. I wish Liz weren't leaving, but on the other hand, I can't wait for my piano's arrival. More soon. I think I need a nap, man I'm tired.

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