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Just a short update. Today, amazingly, Zim was actually good. I let him out of lockdown, and I think he actually was either really tired, or he thought / understood that I was probably going to kick his ass outside if he ate anything or bit anybody. He ate a bit of wood from the fireplace, but that's normal for him. He didn't eat any remotes so we're happy about that. NO remotes = good :).

I didn't do any work. Well, I did actually if you count emailing professors. Still don't know if I'm okayed to work, but I better tell them soon because I now have days that I'm supposed to work. Its going to be Sunday and Tuesday evenings. I get to work with my good buddy John (the guy who took 26 hours last semester), so that should be cool. He's terrified of his Chem 2 he'll be taking next semester, so I'm looking forward to helping him. Plus, the extra 320 a month minus tax will help out.

Well, that's about it. Just sitting here letting the computer do my show for me, so I probably should make it work intelligently for a change. More soon.

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