Ner (djner) wrote,

I've been meaning to write all day, even had my lj client open. I just haven't felt like writing, but I know I need to do it, so here it is. I had a great time vising my sister and Philip. They live in the northern Mississippi, about three hours away from here in Grenada, MS. I got to see their new house which was cool, and I also hung out with my sister, Philip, and one of Philip's friends that I knew from the wedding. We didn't know what to do but just hang out, so I suggested going to a restaurant that Philip mentioned before that they liked going to. So we made the one hour drive near Oxford, MS and went to this amazingly fancy (I say amazingly because you wouldn't know it from the condition of the building) restaurant called the Yocona River Inn. I told you Mississippi's different, and I realized this first off because apparently Yocona is pronounced Yocna down there. Not sure how that happened, but anyway. The building apparently looks like an old barn or a country store. I had Cajun turtle soup as an appetizer, and no, turtle doesn't really taste like chicken. I followed it up with a Filet Mignon with this tasty sauce they make called, you guessed it, Yocona sauce. If I lived closer, I'd definitely go back. Though it was expensive, it sure was tasty Definitely worth the one hour drive and the approximately forty bucks per plate we spent.

We went to church the next morning. The service was a bit more structured than the service we have in Jacksonville, but the message was tough to understand and teach, but good. Fiona was a hit, and I only had a few people who wanted to try to pet her without asking. We went to a youth luncheon afterwords that went toward a tsunami relief fund where we had Bubba's duckless duck gumbo. Yes it was duckless, and yes, Bubba made it, its true. In place of duck, there was chicken. Definitely filling, definitely tasty. I met some cool people at church. One couple I met has a daughter who is a blind lawyer who used to have a guide dog. She implored me to go to the Las Vegas ACB convention. We had fun talking about how many dog accidents they generally have at that blindy convention, and the Mom told me how her daughter always made her take the dog out because she was having to much fun. Too bad there's not more people who have mom's like her, or I bet there wouldn't be so many accidents. I also met someone who asked me what I thought of Grenada. I said that I'd had "an interesting experience", and everyone thought that that was hilarious. They figured I should give my new slogan to the Chamber of Commerce "Grenada, an interesting experience" and see how that flew. Doubt they would like it too much though. Oh well, I tried. Overall though, I enjoyed the interesting experience and hope to go back sometime soon.

I was glad to get back though and get some sleep, even if it meant coming back to crazy and unruly dogs.
Speaking of crazy and unruly dogs, Zim just ate the handheld solitaire game, I mean just ate it. On that note, I'll update about today after I eat some dinner. MOre in an hour.

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