Ner (djner) wrote,

Graduate school fun, is this really too good to be true?

Today's big accomplishment besides napping, registering for classes.

I thought I'd have classes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but no. IT'll be two classes, Tuesday and Thursday, both in the same room, and the first one starting after 12. How cool is that. First I'll take Introduction to Bionegineering Fundamentals, which I got credit for from Australia but for which it wasn't taught too well, being the first time they taught it. My advisor is teaching it as well, so it should be a fun class, hopefully. I'm sure I'll learn all there is to know about enzyme pathways and things I'll probably never use but ... Since I'm now a graduate student, I can take it over and get credit for it. I'm also taking Advanced Chemical Engineering Calculations, which is basically programming equations and chem e modelling situations into Matlab. That's going to be a fun one for sure. We'll see if it is or not, but my first impression of the description and what people are saying about it is that it should be worth my time. I really wonder if I'll have four day weekends every week or if this is just a figment of my imagination. Surely graduate students do more than this. I know I'm not teaching as of yet, but ... wow. *resists adding another class just because* No seriously, I think I'll have plenty to do in the way of practicing for my internship, so I'm not too concerned.

On the Zim front, Zim hasn't eaten anything inside the house yet, but that's because he was out for most of the day.

That's about it from here. I really shouldn't have taken an hour and a half nap today. I'm going to be up for hours now. Oh well, there's always books to be read considering how little time I'll have to do them next semester :). More soon.
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