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Sorry I haven't written but it's been somewhat annoying as usual getting all set up and moved in. Besides the fact that I haven't turned on my desktop computer yet and plugged in all of my sound equipment, I've got my laptop going, and that's about all I need to get working. So in the two hours that I have, well, pretty much an hour before I have to go to lunch, then class, I thought I'd write and update on how things are going.

I got here in Saturday after going to the Clinton Library with Larry. The library was pretty much what I expected, lots and lots of multimedia and reading. Since we wanted to head back up here at some point sooner than dark, we did teh two floors in about two hours. You could probably spend about a day in there. I'm a huge Clinton fan, but I was pretty amazed that the library pretty much emphasized Clinton's strengths only. Note to self: if I ever become president, I'm making a more complete library with more complete "facts" about my presidency. Some day, I hope to read My Life in full, but I doubht that will be sooner rather than later. One fo teh coolest things I actually got to experience was seeing all of the archive boxes that he had placed on the shelves around the room in public view. You couldn't get into the boxes, but you knew they were there. Perhaps that, and his daily planner books, which were actually displayed, were the negative true to life facts they wanted to emphasize :). Funny how many days Clinton had "jog" on his schedule. Who knows. W will probably have his planner filled with "vacation."

We got back, and because I hadn't had it in a while, we decided to give Neil a call and go to the Catfish HOle. I declined Larry's challenge to an all you can eat shrimp eat fest, but Neil decided to get catfish filets and he ate like twelve pieces of fish. He definitely ate his money's worth.

Not much changed at the Quads since I left. they "cleaned" our bathrooms, but me and the roommates think they did the old 2.7 second clean jobs because they didn't look too clean. All that was changed besides maybe a removal of some dirt (a liberal microgram), was that we now are missing a toilet bbrush and the lid to our trash can. They also changed the lock plates on our doors so that we can't now leave our doors unlocked. Apparently, you could trickt he system somehow so that even having teh deadbolts locked, you could get into a room. The piano is most definitely not tuned, and the sustain pedal definitely doesn't work properly. They say they'll look into it, but somehow I doubt it. Makes me want to go home just to play my piano :).

I haven't done too much in the past two days that is worth writing about,. I did go to one of Neil's friend's houses and played poker with them, and that was fun as usual. I even won for the first time, and won $20 but we won't talk too much about that for fear the the feds will come and get me for illegal activity/gambling :). It was a lucky game, but one that I think I'm picking up some skill points on playing poker. There's definitely something to be said about practicing and skill, but luck definitely rules.

Today I have my two graduate classes. I'm also going to write/contact my professor who taught physical chemistry last semester and ask him about sitting in on his honors class. I can't get graduate credit for it so it might be better if I can just sit in on it. It's a really popular class, so I'll understand if he won't let me sit in on it. It is also very interesting, so it will probably help break the monotony of lots of time off. Well, Larry is about to be here to take me over to class/have lunch, so I guess I should post this and go. More probably after class, so stay tuned. Hello to all those who read this and who are non live journal people. A story about that after class.

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