Ner (djner) wrote,

semester 1 day 1

Well, my first day of the first semester of graduate school seemed to go quite well; well, as good as it could I guess. No actually it went great.

Dr. Beitle's bioengineering class should be an interesting one, even if I know a bit of what we're learning about. Turns out that we get to learn about making really expensive things like insulin or other expensive drugs. From what I can tell, we're going to get the perspective of the drug companies who make the stuff. Did you know that it takes almost 20 years to get approval for a drug. Add that to the cost of making the stuff (interferon (sp) costs 1 million dollars per milligram), That, my friends is expensive.

Dr. Ulrich and the programming class somewhat scares me, but I'm sure that since I like computers and programming, and since there are some smart people in the class, that I'll have fun. Our first assignment, not graded, will be to print "go hogs" on the screen. OOOOOOOO, hard right? Well, for some who haven't ever used matlab, it's slightly difficult. Our first project is going to be to figure out what the terminal velocity of a basketball is over time as the ball falls from 105000 feet. Totally pointless, slightly difficult, but fun all the same. If only I knew when I started out in chemical engineering that I would be dropping a basketball from 105000 feet ...

Beitle told me yesterday after class that "it's almost like Christmas. We'll know in twelve days." Which means I'll know if I'm funded in eleven days now. IT's really funny how excited he gets at times. I'm glad he's looking forward to working with me. I just hope my paper does some good in the world.

I finally found the email address of the piano teacher here at the university who teaches improvization on the piano, so tday I'm going to write her and see if she'll be willing to get me goingwith lessons. I think it would be fun for both of us, as being blind, I learn differently than most.

The only thing I have planned today is to go to the union later and meet with one of the candidates for the new disability center director position. I wonder if they *really* want me to meet with this guy. I know they'll know that I'm going to ask some tough questions.

Finally. They say they're going to finally fix the proximity reader on the door nearest to me on Friday. There's another person now who is in a wheelchair, so that gives us more pull on the bureaucratic system that's holding us up. I can easily open the door with my ID card, but I always worry because of the placement of the card reader that I'll get hit in the face some time. I'd rather just walk by a reader with my proximity card in my pocket rather than fiddling with my ID card to try to get the stupid door open. The next thing, once that gets fixed, will be convincing them to tune and fix the piano downstairs.

That's about all from here. I don't know what I'll do next as I got up so early, but I guess I'll go and do ... something. Maybe I'll take a nap or something later. Tomorrow is inauguration day. :(

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