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could it get any worse?

Luckily today I didn't have to go outside int he what I call, and yes, I know it's original, the "really cold" when we had the fire drill. My cough is pretty much normal. It's been going in cycles all day. Sometimes I go into racking coughs, sometimes I'm good for hours. BUt this evening, my chest told me in more words than a huge snap that I'd coughed enough. I think I've either worstened the separated wrib or broke it one of the two. All I can say now is that it used to hurt when I coughed only. Now it pretty much hurts all of the time, especially when I cough. Guess I'm heading to the health center even if it ices or snows to get a chest x-ray to see what's up. I hate this. Wish I had pain medicine besides the stuff that's in my cough syrup :(.

Classes went well today. As I go to advanced calculations, I like it more and more. I pretty much understand how we are supposed to do the first project. As long as we keep on the slow pace we've been going, I'll do fine, and enjoy it at the same time. As I play wih matlab, I not only understand how complex it is, but how useful it could be to me. It sometimes really drags on Jaws though which is a bit annoying. Bioengineering is ok, not that exciting, but at least I understand it.

And I probably should go now so I can lay down and get into a position my ribs will handle. Ouch.

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