Ner (djner) wrote,

I'm starting to get used to these long weekends though reall, you would think you'd enjoy these weekends. I just think they're long. Just plain long :), That's ok though, gives me time to do random things like scanning books, doing assignments, and searching for random money flying out of random people/agency's asses. The latter job is a difficult one, especially when the internet searches deem to not be fruitless and I'm forced to search foundation's asses looking for green. Time confusing, definitely. Gross, even more definitely. Anooying, yes.

Seriously though, I'm at least somewhere on finding funding. I'm covered for this semester as far as a stipend goes (I'll get a monthly check) from the chem e department, but we're still somewhat questionable on tuition. Hopefully my advisor's pleas to the dean of the graduate school will work. In the mean time, I've been scouring the internet for money, and looking at books on how to actually write grants. It's not that I won't be able to ask my advisor to help me with it, I'm just curious as to how it's done.

The end of the week I spent trying to fight this ass pain of a virus off. (Wow, I just used ass three times in this entry, now four. I love it). Today, Saturday, I only cough intermittently, mostly because of cold air either outside, or caused by my intermittently air conditioned room. On that front, I keep turning the temp up, others keep turning it down; this is a never ceasing circle. I've mentioned the problem, but the AC circle keeps turning. I have lots of time to play the game, so I say to them, bring it on.

Not much else going on. Experienced my first show two hours earlier. Apparently, there was a guy who could only do a show during my ex-current time, so they asked me if I would do it two hours earier. There's no really huge change, but I do need to rebuild the little listener base I had previously. Oh well, I enjoy it, so I guess that's all that matters. If I can play some music that others enjoy, then that's an extra bonus. More when there's something better than pulling money out of people's asses, wow there I go again talking about ass. I don't know what else could be better than that, but you know, some of us have little or no lives, so we must resort to talking about such things.

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