Ner (djner) wrote,

Got the usual email today which has prompted me to write. "You need to update your livejournal. Mom". Not that I don't actually have things to write about, I do, but I just haven't gotten around to it. So I took a trip down to the coffee shop in the Union via bus in hopes that I'd be able to get work done and create an lj entry. I saw Heath, the guy who runs the coffee shop, and it brought back memories of this past summer. Perhaps I should hang out here more often. It would be a welcome change in pace from eing in my room all the time.

I've been doing my usual, class, class, sleep, eat, class etc. etc. Boring right? Pretty much. But there's so much I need to update, and I fear I'm going to forget something. Well, let's see if I can do it. This will be a shoreter entry but one fortified and packed with facts about my week since I wrote last.

Everything is going well though actually. I went to the department last week to ask when I was going to get paid, and subsequently found out that I'd actually gotten paid a month ago by the department. Woops. Guess I forgot to look at my bank account to find ghis out.

I've been continuing to enjoy all of my classes, programming especially. I just like the fact that I can program a computer to solve a problem that took a por graduate student months to solve. The computer takes 20 seconds to solve this particular problem I'm thinking of, and it took me a week to write.

Neil and I did the show yesterday. The only highlight was our rogue rank caller who, whenever we got on the air and turned on the mic, caled, let it ring once, and hung up. He'd do this within seconds, so it actually sounded like we had lots of calls coming in, but in reality, it just confused the hell out of me.

Saturday, I went to a spaghetti dinner / silent auction to denefit a couple of childrens' charities. The spaghetti was good, the band was all right, and the auction was awesome. I bid on and won two $50 gift certificates to some of my most favorite local restaurants. I ended up paying like $30less for both of them which is definitely worth it. Plus, all of the money went to good charities.

Sadly, that's about all of the things that have been going on with me lately. It's really weird when you write every once in a while. When you do that, you risk forgetting things. Things that once seemed important become inconsequential to you a week later. I *really* need to start writing more often. There was once a time when I took time out of my day to write. I need to do that again, even *if* I don't want to write or feel like my entry was total crap. Better quit while I'm ahead, and actually head back soon.

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