Ner (djner) wrote,

I had planned to write last night as I have continued writing wto times per day, but my sister and her boyfriend came in last night and I lost interest in writing.

I'll start by updating yesterday as lots happened. We did our taxes, then went to the doctor. He was pleased to see me as usual, and I was non pleased to see his chief resident who is positively an ass. On May 28, I will have one of the plates in my arm removed, the ulna side plate, on May 28, a Thursday. I most likely will be in hospital for one night possibly. The plate, they will take out, and fill the holes left by the screws with Grafton, a liquid bone substitute. Should be exciting for sure.

I came home and tried to prepare for a show, and it was quite difficult. I had a few issues ripping cds, and it took forever to import tracks into the database. Therefore I barely made it to my show on time. I was very surprised to find that the slot was so unpopular as I only had like three listeners throughout with a peak at six. I am not sure if it is my format, or the slot, but I think it probably is the latter. Oh well, I'll get an audio promo together and hopefully start to build a listener base.

In war news. The shock and awe campaign started yesterday and the sound coming from Baghdad was absolutely amazing. There have been a few casualties caused by battle and accidents in the air. We still do not know as to Saddam's fate, and that news will most likely come later on in the conflict. I'm not listening to a briefing by Tommy Franks, the general commanding the forces, and he is being very informative and interesting.

My dad and I are hiding out in my room away from the mass of people that is my sister and her boyfriend. Phillip, the boyfriend (he is a nice guy), is staying in the box, and Kelsea, my sister, is staying on one of the couches in the living room. As a consequence, we'll have to be quiet for a couple of days. So Dad's playing cards, as usual, and I'm sitting here journalling and surfing the web. NOthing exciting has been posted in journals, including the Iraqi journal. This is unlike our Iraqi friend so I assume that internet communication in Baghdad has been interrupted. Well, I'll write more later, Amber arrives today, and she'll get to the airport around 2 pm or so from St. Louis. Megan wants An Amber explanation and when I have time and energy I'l post it here because it'll help me to remember later. Ok, I believe Grandma's up, wait a minute. I meant to say that true to Mrs. Marsha's earlier comment about the tea strainer. She has in fact sent me a very cool tea strainer with saucer, Thanks Mrs. Marsha. I'm sure I'll find a use for it. Either that or I'll have to use it against you guys who can't use tea strainers. More later. Peace always.

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