Ner (djner) wrote,

the exploding reactor

Today was somewhat interesting ... it broke from boringness for a while at least. I got to the building to go to bioengineering class and someone nabbed me before I got into the building and asked me if I'd seen the sign that class had been cancelled. Hey, what can I say, my classmates have warped senses of humor. Anyway, apparently, mjy bioprocess professor was working on a what was supposed to be, a low pressure bioreactor. The short story is that something got clogged in the reactor, so pressure increased, and like it happens when you open a coke bottle that's way over pressured, the thing pretty much exploded out the top of the reactor, spreading yeast (the cells they were trying to grow) over the whole ceiling. I knew I got into chemical engineering for a reason, and telling good stories is a good reason. I was supposed to meet him after class to work on a homework assignment, and when he finally showed up after cleaning off the ceiling with a long handled mop, he smelled like he'd been drinking beer for days on end.

I have to tutor tonight, but before that there's a small party for graduates run by the alumni association. It's basically a way for us to get free food and sign up to be in the alumni association. After tutoring, there's a girl who tutors at the ELC whose holding an unofficial party at her house to end the year off. Both of them should be fun.

I ordered about a month ago, the talking GPS thing I talked about in the last entry and a new braille note taker. I figured that since they were going to ship the new GPS things last month, that I'd get it a week or so after. Not the case. The note taker which was back ordered three weeks ago and which I ordered two weeks ago will probably, according to the dudes I ordered it from, be here next week. We have no idea when the GPS will get here. I can't wait to get the note taker though, because it should allow me to post on that thing, typing in braille, from anywhere. Maybe that will convince me to write more right?

That's about it. More tomorrow after lunch with Larry. I actually got a hold of him and he's wanting to use up a Fudruckers gift certificate, so I'm happy to help. UNtil then ...

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