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What a relief

Well, I'm done. Done with this semester, done with classes for about three months, and I am so freaking happy and relieved!

I'd say I'm cool and refreshed, but that's not the case. Our AC has been flashing "error, 0 degrees F) all day, and blows out only slightly cool air. Just think, all the arguing internally about air being on or off and now it's hot in here. It's relatively hot outside too, about mid 80s today, so it is AC weather, but still. When you need it and it dies due to not air conditioning failure but a software issue, it really does set you on edge.

I did my bioengineering test today rather than yesterday. I basically had to sit on the computer and play with a modelling package to figure out how a chromotography column would behave. It's complicated, even for me :), and that's why we used a modeller. I basically had to play with numbers all day and see if I could make something appear like it should in the real world. I had to do it in front of my professor though because the software package doesn't even come close to working with speech, and that was a bit difficult. He sure didn't give me any hints though, letting me flounder for about an hour before we went and got lunch in the middle, and I came back and figured it out. Yay. In the middle of the whole thing, my advanced calculations teacher came in and said that I'd made an A on his final. I'd emailed back and forth with him because he said I was one problem away from getting an A. I apparently hadn't written down an important rule I needed, but got it right on the third try apparently.

This means that this semester, I've not only gleened two A's from my grad work, but I've finished all of the incompletes I've had hanging over my head for ages, and ... I've graduated and got my actual diploma. It's amazing to me that after several semesters of having incompletes to worry about, having things hanging over my head when I was supposed to be having fun during the summer relaxing, that now my slate is clean. True, I still have research tasks to do throughout the summer, but it's different than feeling like I have undone tasks that need doing. One can procrastinate all one wants, but it's another thing to have it all done, and today IS the day. There's celebrating to be doing, and soon!!

Enough of that. On to telling the tale of the missing MP3 player and other source of relief. I used it during my show on Sunday to record the thing, and didn't need it until yesterday. I couldn't find it anywhere. I checked all of my drawers in my dresser several times, so asked Neil if he could come over and look behind things and have a look around visually. I'd looked in all my drawers, as I said, so when he came he looked a bit, and then he wanted to take everything out, again from that drawer, and being that I'd looked before, I didn't think he needed to sift through the mess of cables and crap that's in there. We walked all the way over to the union to check and see if I left it in the studio. No go there. I came back her and decided to look in "the drawer" again. Yeah, you guessed it, it *was* in that drawer afterall. Neil says I should write that my new nickname should be "It's Not In here" because that's what I said to him. So naturally everyone, including all of my room mates, and the guy who works the cash register at the dining hall, made complete fun of me. I'm not the only one whose done that am I? That's what I thought. The only problem is that I'm sure this has happened to me before, and is unfortunately documented in the journal too.

I got $20 for one of my books yesterday too that was just sitting under my bed. It had no CD with it, otherwise it would be worth $40, but I didn't care, $20 is $20. I was totally prepared to give the book away, because I have no need or compulsion to every study analytical chemistry again. That class was hell!

And that's about it. Tomorrow I'm going to the ELC to the going away party for our director. She's been director for about three months, and interim director before that, but I think she'd had enough of working with the few people (tuitors) who would much rather study and get paid rather than tutor. My view of it is, why be a tutor if you're not going to actually TUTOR. That's life though, inconsequential, indicipherable, and indellibly awesome and interesting.

Why must the Audiobook podcast Earthcore end the last episode with a cliffhangere? I *hate* serial novels. Hate them! More craziness soon.

Edit: riverhog just called me. Celebration is indeed in order, we're going to a piano bar in a bit, as we've both finished today! Yay!

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