Ner (djner) wrote,

I've just got done drinking two cups of coffee and 1 cup of Milo (edited to please mom, grin) and Milk. My mom found some Mylo at Wal Mart of all places, and got it for me. I was quite excited. Mylo is a chocolate type substance, kind of like ovaltine. It has a lot of malt compared to ovaltine though. It's good with hot milk.

Amber arrived yesterday and it was good to catch up with her. We didn't do much, but watched dinner preparations as they happened. My mom had some spare turkey in the freezer, so we had a Thanksgiving style dinner yesterday. It was very good for sure and we had a great time telling jokes among the family. It was also good to have everyone together.

I finished ripping all of my cds yesterday and prepared for my KXUA show. It did not go well at all. Internet conditions were very very bad, and I kept skipping continuously. I hope to callic Classic Net today and complain as the t3 hasn't been installed yet.

We talked with Rebecca and Chris yesterday and they seem to be doing really well. I still don't want to know what happens between them. All I can say is "leave your clothes on". They laughed, and took it well, I just gave them a hard time.

I went to bed earlyish, and woke up just enough to take a quick call from one of my other friends, then went back to sleep till like 5, at which time I turned on the cricket. Right now it's looking like Australia will beat India, it is not for sure that they will actually win, but it's pretty damn close to being for sure. There's just not enough time for India to catch up. They're chasing 359 runs, with a bit over 10 overs to go.

Plans for today include going to church and of course eating some of those kick ass cinemon rolls my mom makes. I'll update later for sure but nothing else comes to mind that I can write about now except for war things which I'm not going to write about at the moment.

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