Ner (djner) wrote,

Last night's piano bar outing, 6:00, and the CSD

Forgot to mention the Piano Bar last night. I'm not sure if I should capitalize that but what the heck, I did anyway.

We went to Willie D's here in Fayetteville, the only piano bar. Either I didn't drink enough or I just was being too critical of the pianos. I know you've got to make the music loud enough for people to hear in their drunken haze and in a big crowd, but must it be *so* loud that you can't have a conversation. These pianos were more Extra Forte, not even close to piano (for you musicians). We thought they were real grand pianos until my friend had a look insiode them and found speakers, which is indicative of a digital grand. They would have sounded great if the things weren't so darn amplified. The guys played *okay*. They seemed to know the music and were good singers, I gotta give em credit, they knew more words than I would, but they had an version to only playing chords and only chords, which was annoyihng.

All musicianship aside, the company was reasonably good, and we were all happy that finals were, for myself and riverhog and ehr boyfriend, done, and for our other friends, almost done. The beer was also reasonably good, but a bit pricey. My verdict, 2 stars. I like to be able to converse with my friends and not be totally tied to the music, even if they do play your favorite song if you tip them well. Real but reasonably amplified pianos would have been nicer too. I most definitely would not want to be a piano player in a piano bar. They money's supposedly good, but can you imagine how tiring it could get? Wow!

I saw the first story about me, but missed the 6:00. It was really well done though short, but I figured that since the 5:00 story started at 5:25, I'd have plenty of time to go downstairs, eat, and come up by about 6:15 to catch round 2. Apparently, I was close to the top of 6:00 which is kinda cool, but not kinda cool because I missed the thing. I hope someone (one of the people I tried to get to tape it) taped both of the stories so I could watch them.

We're having an end of the year potluck thing at the CSD tomorrow and I was invited. Me and another worker there decided to go totally nonhealthy and bring IBC Root Beer and Little Debbies snack Cakes. I say hell yeah! And I also say Hell Yeah for the fixed air conditioning. It was 83 in here when they tripped the breakers to get it going again, now it's familiarly chilly.

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