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Back to Phoenix

We made it back to Phoenix, finally and it was amazing the stark climate change from the cool mountains to the hot desert. I can only imagine, actually I can remember the times that we would go from here in Phoenix when I will little to the snowy mountains. Forty degrees of change has a way of messing with your mind let me tell you.

We had a really relaxing time in Flagstaff. The air is extremely clear, unpolluted, mountain air, and in the evening, after a little rainstorm, was even chily enough to warrant wearing a sweatshirt. I would have never guessed that I would wear a sweatshirt in Arizona in June, but I should have guessed all the same. Arizona has very different climates. Not many know this because everyone seems to know only about the desert and nothing else, but we do actually have formidable mountains and even ski slopes, and snow bowls. But anyway ...

My Aunt has a condominium in Flagstaff, a second home. It's amazing how many second homes there are up there, but from what I understand, there are as many second homes for people from here in Phoenix wanting to escape the heat as there are actual residents of Flagstaff. I didn't care that I was one of those many delaying an iminent return back to Phoenix; I just enjoyed the coolness. The only thing that I did besides sit around and do nothing was to relearn how to knit. I know, I AM a guy, and I shouldn't be really learning how to knit, but I like learning new things, and this has been something I've wanted to learn for a while. Not that I'll make anything with my new-found talent, because I never seem to be dedicated enough to make more than meaningless strips with crochet, but I wasn't doing anything else and my Mom and Grandma were doing it so herein lies the ultimate of sadistic peer pressure. It's stressful now and was even more so when I learned it, but with time in a dark and secluded room away from guys who will most surely make fun of me, it will become relaxing.

We went out that night to the Weatherford Hotel, which is an old hotel in the middle of town. It reminded me of Fayetteville, because there were lots of people, and more drunk people I should add as the night wore on. The town is mostly a college town, so what should I have expected, right? The food was good. I can see why lots of college student congregate there; good food, good beer, and good music. They even had some live Celtic music upstairs, which gasp, we didn't go up and see, but a place that has Celtic music always gains points with me automatically.

We left the next day in the afternoon, and deci ded to take the long way back here, again delaying our iminent return here, going via Strawberry. We went under the cover of needing to pick up some cheese that my Mom had forgotten, but really we just wanted to visit Grandma again.

I really felt the heat on the way back as the sun was in my face practically the whole 200 mile journey, so I was glad to get back here to a relatively cool place with air conditioning. I don't know what it was, but when I got back here, I had a headache and stomach ache, so I'm assuming it was heat related. It was disconcerting though, as when I got back and decided to take a quick shower, the water, when on the "cold" setting came out at least initially scalding hot. It doesn't surprise me, I've experienced this phenomena of desert living before, but it's been a while.

Afa shower and a short rest, we headed over to Jean's to visit and have dinner. As always, the visiting was extremely entertaining, especially so after my first beer. I can't tell you how many times we have talked about the amazingly high house prices in Phoenixffvarious people throughout our visit; I don't know whose rich enough to actually pay for these houses, but they are selling, so at least for now, they'll probably continue to go up. But I digress ... We basically had the most fun saving the world, and I think the best friends are those who will enjoy it with you. We decided upon a steakhouse in Phoenix, and that was good as well. There's not a dinner with Jean that we don't have some friendly fun bashing Phoenix, so that was fun too.

This morning, it's reasonably cool, but it's not even close to being sweatshirt oweather. I just had breakfast, and I'm just about to close this, but I wanted to finish talking about our latest travels. It's hard to believe that in a couple more weeks, I'll be writing this from Alaska again. I've actually had this thing long enough to cover my last Alaska trip, and I hope to cover this one too. My Autt is planning "The big family thing" at her house tonight, so that should be crowded, but fun. I don't get to see my extended family too much, so when I do, I try to enjoy most if never moment. With that being said, I probably should read over this once before I queue it, andg. I'll try to post it this afternoon.

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