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cricket lesson

I thought it best to post a complete reply to Mathgoddesses question about cricket. First I'll tspeak about my day, then I'll talk about cricket, should it be the other way round? Don't know.

Not much happened today, we didn't end up going to church, so I spent most of the day talking to my Grandma and Amber, and downloading more files. Then, later in the afternoon, me and amber had a chat about my decision about just being friends and why I made it. We seem to be doing better now, but it was a roller coaster discussion and difficult. It's much better though, so that's cool. We'll have a fun time I'm sure.

We started eating the endless supply of leftovers we have around here, that should be exciting.

Now, for the important thing, cricket! If you don't want to read about it, hmore later.

Cricket is a game much like baseball, eerily like baseball yet quite different. It's played on a pitch, the field. I'm going to give the ner explanation of cricket, but this site, Cricket Explained for novices which goes in to great detail, and it very easy to understand things. As of now I haven't finished readint it all but will since it explains if you're blind how the pitch is layed out. If you want my explanation here it is. There are two batters at each end of the field. At these ends, there are what's called wickets, which might equate to bases in baseball. See that faq for a description of what they look like. Scoring can be really high, as I said in my last post because when a ball is bowled (pitched) it comes straight at the batter who is standing at one of the wickets. He hits the ball really hard across the field, this is very strategic where you hit the ball or spin it, kind oof like pool. 1 run is scored if the ball rolls through the wicket (the wicket has stumps or sticks tht are spaced apart kind of like a letter H). Anyway, if the ball rolls through the wicket on the ground, one run is scored. If it goes over the wicket just over it, that's two, if it goes over the wicket and over the boundary but not out of play (that means basically if it doesn't go over the fence but just about goes for a home run), that's 4. But, if they go over the fence, that's 6. You can also score runs if the ball gets hit out into the north 40 and it takes a while for the other side to field it. The batter can then run between the wickets and each time he covers the whole pitch, he gets a run. There's 6 balls in an over. Here's where it gets confusing as far as overs. In a one day match, that means the match lasts one day, there are fifty overs each side. A side is decided on a coin toss much like football. For 50 overs, 300 balls, one side either bats or bowls, then it switches over. A wicket falls when someone gets caught out i.e. a fielder catches the ball. The side is over when they reach 50 overs or lose 10 wickets whichever comes first. If you're out, you stop batting for the whole match. There are longer test matches, but they are quite complicated, basically they keep going and going. Ok, so chasing runs means this. Say Australia today, India won the toss but elected to bowl, so Australia batted and kicked ass. They scored 359 runs in their 50 overs. The only lost one wicket, one out. Then it was time for India to bat. To win, they had to make it through 50 overs by scoring over 359 runs and that's pretty hard. They made it through only 39 overs and scoreed 244, but they lost all ten wickets, poor them, and didn't therefore win because they didn't make it to 360, the number they needed to win. A match, the one day ones, usually lasts about 9 hours.

In test matches, they can last five days, 360 is a low score. I've seen each side score over 600 runs before, but of course judging is a bit different with test matches.

That's the basics and I'm sure I'm a bit wrong here, so read that faq if you're interested, it's very good and is written for Americans eespecially. I'll be reading it that's for sure,as the game is so intricate, yet fun to watch, that I don't even understand it fully.

I did get my dad to listen to it with me this morning, and he even liked it. Ask if you guys have any questions, and I'll try to answer.

More later guys.

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