Ner (djner) wrote,

Sorry for the lack of an update; I haven't actually gotten around to writing, even though there has been stuff to write about. The flight went quite well, and we made it home obviously in one piece and without a whole lot of stress. Since getting home however, we haven't been doing much of anything at all, so I'll spare most of the details. The big hightlight of the week was on thursday, when I had my first piano lessons via phone. Though it will be difficult, painful, and fun, as all piano lessons should be, it should be doable as far as the actual logistics go. Since I can't see, I noticed most of all that a piano lesson over the phone was much like a lesson "in the flesh." besides The fact that he had to ensure that I was fingering correctly or not (just asking me, it was kind of neat to know that he was experiencing exactly what I experience and that this was normal thing. My next lesson is on Thursday, so I am hoping I'll be fine for remembering all of the chords I need to remember by then.

I just found a website that allows me to listen to XM on my pac mate. The normal site won't allow you to listen, but except for a few drop outs, I was able to write a journal entry and listen to xm. This should allow me to listen easily, whereever I am, and it even on the relatively small pc. I envision being able to listen in the dining room now, cool! I can't wait until the web browser and media player work on my small PAIDA, the o with the GPS. This thing's going to be huge sizwhe-wise in comparison to an XM enabled pocket sized PC.

Talk about disjointed. Neil and I went and saw War of the Worlds on Thursday night. I've never seen a theater as crowded as that one was, but that was probably due to the free popcorn they were giving away to those who brought their own bowl. We were too full of Chili's to partake, but enjoyed the movie all the same. It was most definitely intense, and fast-paced. I was glad to have Neil there to describe.

Today, we have a wedding to go to, one of my sister's friends, and a friend I've had from church. It should be good; amazing how fast the people I have known have grown up. This huge ceremony will happen to me sometime; for now I haven't lost total freedom yet :(dis After that I have work to do in getting the short Student Advocate out, and then, we start preparations for the big Lettering your own Fireworks 4th of July party we'll have here on Monday. Can't wait for that.

Well, that's about all. Must take a shower before I get going.

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