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fourth of july and other general ramblings

I just got done with piano lesson number two. I'm really rearning a lot and having fun at the same time, so that's the important thing in my opinion. I don't necessarily have a problem with the chords that I'm learning, the problem seems to be with me remembering the nomenclature (dominant versus diminished, etc.) I'll get it eventually, even if it takes me a while.

I planned to write something right after the Fourth of July thing at our house on Monday, but I guess today will have to be the day that I talk about it.
I think I spent, in total, $50 on fireworks. This sounds like a lot, but when you consider how much people shot off around us in the neighborhood, this is nothing. Neil came, along with a couple of OLDER people my Mom and Dad know. I know them too, and we've hung out together over the years, but readers know my friends mostly, so that's the reason I'm writing about my friends. Neil invited his brother over, and his brother brought one of his friends over, so the party we thought not many people could come to, being that not all the friends my parents invited could come, became pretty big after all. We ate hamburgers and "fixins" (Southern for pasta salad, and a vegetable tray), and then, we shot off the fireworks that everyone brought. In our neighborhood there seems to be an unseen competition. Whoever shoots off a cool firecracker must have one that surpasses the last one. There's been known to be shots fired even. Not deadly shots, but I guess if you haven't bought fireworks, or you're too poor to buy them, you resort to the next best thing, the shotgun. All of us in total had probably $200 or so worth in fireworks, but I'm sure many had in our rural neighborhood much more than us. Every time we shot off a mrrtar, the guys next door shot off a bigger one. I think we were even competing with a baseball field close by that was having a family fireworks show, but we were undaunted; regardlessof your competition, you must prevail, even if you risk your life doing so. Since we didn't have anything bigger than the "last guy's", we resorted to shooting off more things at once than "them". For instance, we'd string twelve bottle rockets together andshootthemsimultaneously. At one point we had six people out there where everything was being lit connecting two mortar fuses together and putting them in tubes. I'd never recommend this to anyone not desperate enough to do so, (we were either desperate, drunk, or dumb), but they managed to get ten mortars to blow simultaneously, all of them having three shots in each. We also put black cats in trash cans, threw firecrackers in a bucket full of water (didy know how weird of a sound a bottle rocket makes as xbubbles in water?) I suppose it's safer to buy those huge boxed bireworks that shoot lots of mortars up at once and do all kinds of pretty things, but we had the coolest poor man's fireworks display ever, I think.

When the parents went inside, and most everyone left due to the fact that they were all either getting eaten alive by mosquitoes, or too tired (it was about ten by that time), Neil, Neil's brother Scott, and his friend Hashish, all were left alone to do crazy things. I hear it's the next step in craziness. Scott persuaded first me, and finally after much peer pesssure, Hashish to hold a lit Roman Candle as it was going off. It really wasn't as hard or bad (dangous) as I thought it was going to be. With the Roman Candles, you can't feel heat; the only thing you experience is a slight recoil as a flaming ball go up. I was feeling even more adventurous, so only with a bit of more convincing, we shot bottle rockets from our hands. I know there's a reason why a bottle rocket is called a bottle rocket and not a hand hand rocket, but there's also probably a reason why bottle rocket fuses aren't all connected together in the pack like we had been doing. Firing bottle rockets from the hand really does take skill and should take many minutes of explanation in keeping your hand from exploding. To me however, it was neither complicated nor was it a lengthy process to explain the mechanics of it. You also must be slightly crazy, and I qualified. I wouldn't remommend using a bottle rocket as a hand rocket though. Timing is the important thing with these things; if you don't let go of the thing in time it's not a good thing. The feeling of the rocket as it's leaving your hand is the cool thing, actually it's kind of hot, (warm even).

Everyone including those of us who put our lives in our own hands, left slightly deaf, but unscathed, so I deem that to be a successful fourth of July, don't you?

We've been watching the completion of the floor over the past few days, and today may actually finish the job all up. They're just now working on getting the new door in, and after that, provided the door actually fits in the hole, they'll finish the small bit of the floor near the door that has to be done. The door isn't in now, so we're letting in countless flies, bugs, and outide critters. Fiona's enjoying the freedom of being able to go outside any timeshe wants. Apparently, she really likes laying in the sun.

We're going to leave for Alaska on Monday. Yay for leaving, booh for packing. More soon.

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