Ner (djner) wrote,

WHat, an update?

I'm writing, not because it has been so long, but mostly because I've been meaning to write now for about three months now, and haven't had motivation or time until now. I'm sure I will miss many things, and probably willl forget things that I have done last semester, but I'll try to give a short overview of my last year, and then maybe as my last semester of calsses draws onlward, I'll feel like Ican actually write an entry. I think the main reason why I haven't written as much is because I have felt like I'd have to update on what I've been doing for like the whole semester which would take time and energy, and would be annoying to write a whole book on what I've been up to. If I can keep updating, I shouldn't have to do this, and therfore shouldn't have to do too much major updates that take seven days to read and even longer to write.

It's raining today. A long, steady rain that is long overdue. I know we need it, but it's annoying, mostly because Fiona takes ages to picka spot to pee. This shouldn't surprise me, but it's not that easy thinking about the farmers receiving rain when I'm just getting more wet.

I took two classes last semester, and TAed one. The one I thought would be easy, planetary atmospheres, seemed like it would be an easy and fun class, but turned out to be more of a pain than anything. It was an interesting class, but was more reading than I was expecting, and the tests were more specific than I'd like. If you didn't get the answer that he was looking for, you would miss a short answer question completely, and when there's only five questions, you're screwed for a good grade. I ended up with a B in that class and an A in the class I thought would be harder, advanced reactor design. The class I assised with, computer methods, was a lot of work, but fun at the same time because I got to get back into programming again and grade papers, I've never done that before.

I've met many new people this year, and now actually have people that I sit with regularly at meals. I'm not sure why it has taken me so long to find a lot of more varied friends, but I'm not complaining. I think that in my undergraduate I either (a) limited myself or (B) didn't meet the right people. THe was one problem with Gregson, and one that still is a problem here as far as not being able to meet as many people in the hallways. The thing about being here is that you meet, or at least I have been able to meet, people in the dining hall.

Most of the people that I have met are younger than I, but let's face it, very few grad students are as crazy as I am in wanting to continue to live in the dorm for such a long time. For me, it's convenient to live here, I have a dining hall downstairs, people to hang out with, and I'm only a 15 minute walk from Bell, the building I hang out in most of the time. I hang out with another grad student who actually lives on this floor, so that's pretty cool. His name is John, and he convinced me to get reinvolved with amateur radio here at the university. I have had my license for about 11 years, but after moving back to Arizona, I put my stuff up and never got it back out again. I didn't even get involved with the amateur radio club until this year which is kind of a pain since I am almost done here. It's not only cool to be able to get on the radio whenever I want and talk to people around the world, but it's also a cool group of nerdy people to hang out with. In the three months that I've been in the club, I've upgraded my license twice and now and what we call in amateur radio, an extra class amateur, which is the highest class you can have. It's given me many oportunities to waste time both last and this semester. I just passed my extra exam this week which involved much studying at the last minute, but it's a very cool thing to have because I can use Morse code to talk to people in places I've never heard of before. It's very neat.

This semester, I'm taking two classes as well, polymer theory, and Transport Phenomena. Transport is going to be a major pain, but the only thing that seems to save it is that I won't have to actually do any actual homework assignments, and if they get the book to me on time and not a few weeks after the reading assignment is due, I should be able to actually keep up the discussions in class. The professor of Polymers makes the class very enjoyable. Not only is he a very layed back guy, but he goes off on these very entertaining tangents about the sad state of the world and humanity, which make the class less boring.

The big news over the break was that in the middle of doinga show on ACB, my hard drive got knocked off, and the motor stopped working on it. I hadn't backed up my Celtic and world music, I don't think, and so lost a lot of music. I actuallly sent the drive in for data recovery, and because the thing has so many platters and drive mechanisms, they wanted to charge me $4000 to recover the stuff on the drive. I chose to buy any music I can't find or rip, and save myself a lot of money. So this week, I'm going to spend lots of time ripping the three boxes of cds I brought from home. I was very upset at the time that it happened, but now, I've accepted it and am now waiting for my replacement hard drive and a secondary backup drive to come. Today I'm going to turn my computer on and see how much of my drive I actually have and if I actually copied my Celtic music to my desktop. I doubt I've done that, but before I can check, I'll have to do a lot of windows updating on the computer being that it's been a long time since I've turned that computer on even. Oh well.

Anyway, that should be good enugh for now. Thanks for the lj nudges guys. I hope this entry will suffice until I can think of other things to write.

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