Ner (djner) wrote,

Sleet and freezing rain are pervading tonight and we've now got maybe a bit under a quarter inch of ice all over everything. Should be fun when the snow starts. We'll have an inch of snow on top of it. WHy couldn't it have just fallen all in the form of snow? WHo knows.

Worked Peter I island on ham radio the night before last. They are just off the coast of Antarctica, and I've never talked to Antarctica before, so it was very cool to do, even if everyone and their brother is making contact with them. To talk to that remote of an area is really very cool, cold even, especially there where they are.

I hope its not too icy for them to deliver Mina dn John's Jimmy John's subs. I'm sure it will all be good, but I sure wouldn't want to drive in this stuff.

Not much else going on here. Must remember to do work tomorrow even if it is just reading. A mind that wanders and does not get work done is a lost mind.

More soon!

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