Ner (djner) wrote,

Time for another in a stream of pointless and yet emaculately typed entries, full of multiple typos. All typos aside, you're always assured of getting an entry that is fun-filled and packed with interesting info that you'll never want or need to use.

NOt sure how lon it has been since I've written, I'm actually embarrassed to look at the date of my last entry. Trust me though, you haven't missed much. Well actually, I'm married now and I have three kids, but that's not TOO huge of an accomplishment is it? Just kidding.

I've been doing my usual, hanging out with friends, going to class, doing research, reading etc. etc. Notice I put hanging out with friends first? I think it's a good thing that I actually have friends to hang out with. here have been times in my long and almost endless college career where I haven't had people to talk to, so I've spent my evenings hanging out on the internet and not with people who live close by.

I'm spending one full day in Bell doing research, and that will probably expand to two or even three days in Bell doing research for my presentation at CSUN. Needless to say, at this point, I have about two weeks til I actually resent, and we don't have results that we'd like to be presented, so we're still trying to get it all together. I've been trying to get together a solution for building chemical plant simulations using a touchpad or tablet, and nothing seems to be working exactly the way we'd like it to do. Last week, we borrowed a standalone tablet, but it's apparently acting like a huge mousepad, so because I need to know where I'm clicking on the screen, this is not helpful. On the Tablet PC, because you have to be able to click on the screen itself, it would work, but it would be expensive just to get a computer for that purpose, especially if I have to carry two computer and a braille notetaker with me at once. At least I don't have to hang in the lab all the time, but get to hang with my advisor and play with computer equipment for a day.

I had a horrible piano lesson today. I had planned, since the piano has continued to be screwed up (has been since the beginning of the semester), to walk down to the music building, where I'd do my lesson and then head back up to the Quad like I have been doing for the past month or so. The problem was that I couldn't find my headset that I use to do my lesson over phone. By the time I realized that I indeed couldn't find my headset, it was ten o'clock, and therefore was too late for me to walk down to the music building being that my lesson was supposed to start at ten. SO I walked downstairs and did a lesson on a piano with a badly untuned second octave c, a fourth octave A that doesn't operate at all unless you pound on it, and an E above that that is also a bit off. It was very stressful, because not only did we have to try to hear each other using my phone's speaker phone, but we had to try to come up with scales, chords, and modes that didn't involve that a that wasn't working. I was tired, annoyed and stressed out by the end of it all, and I pledged that I wouldn't have a bad lesson again next time. He said I did fine, but I can definitely do better. Company at lunch cheered me up slightly, but the food sure didn't, so I headed back up to my room afterwords to have my room matehelp me look for the headset. It was RIGHT THERE next to my desk, soo naturaly, I didn't find it when I needed to find it. Isn't that always the way? It was relieving to have found it, but annoying that I wasn't able to get a proper visual on it at the time that I needed it.

I'm sitting in the tutoring room tonight. I'm not sure if I'll want to tutor next semester (I'll be here next semester working on research before I go to TN), and the only reason why I stay is because I know I help people, and that I most definitely enjoy. Not that I HAVE anything to do on these evenings, but it would be nice to have those evenings off, especially since I'll be researching exclusively next semester.

I have much more to say, but little energy to write about it. The entry, when it will be constructed at some point, will require much thought, consideration, and insight to write, because I need to become sure in myself what it is I want to say. It's important though, so when I'm ready you will all know. Don't worry, I'm not suffering from some rare Amazonian disease, I don't have a cancerous growth on my big toe, I'm not addicted to anything harmful, only chemistry, and most importantly, I am STILL BLIND! I have though, given up caffeine completely, which as readers of long ago might guess, is a shocking thing, but it's been very good for me. I no longer have headaches, and I don't HAVE to have the cup of coffee in the morning all the time. I figured that a half a pot of coffee + coffee in the dining hall was a bit too much, so I just decided to stop drinking anything with caffeine in it at all. It's torture walking by coffee shops in the morning, but lately it has been getting easier as it's been three weeks since my last cup. Much more when it's current!

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