Ner (djner) wrote,

fn and exciting boringness

Nothing huge has been going on here lately. Just been doing the same old thing, trying to continue to do work and have fun here at the Quad. People aren't totally moved in yet; the people who are here are mostly either people who are going to help others move in, or athletes. There's a group of cross country runners who live down the hall and it was really cool, because they knocked on our door just to say hi. I could tell they were freshman, because upper classmen usually don't do that. I never understood that, because no matter how old I am, I enjoy meeting people. THey came by today during lunch and said hi again, so maybe we can be better friends or something, who knows.

I tried to get the part of my plant I had to design or try to design working yesterday, and although I got it to run, it's not converging, or coming to the correct answer, on it's own. I guess what I'll have to do now is either beat the program into submission, or the plans I'm supposed to match. Either way, I'm not liking what's happening. These things seem to have a way of working themselves out, so I'm hoping all will be good eventually. I went down to the radio shack today and tuned around on the air. There wasn't anything hugely exciting on, but I got to play with my code key that I just got. Until this afternoon, it was wired totally backwards to what I'm used to, so I ended up turning the key around completely so that it though I was sending code on it, the key was flipped away from me. The way these paddles as we ham radio operators call them, work is that you essentially have two levers. As you might know, Morse Code is a code with dots and dashes. So on these levers, one does the dots, and one does the dashes. So, like a musical instrument, you twiddle these levers or paddles so that you get your desired message sent. Usually, the left paddle does the dashes and the right one does the dots. I'm used to this setup. Well, when I got the new set, the left paddle did the dots and the right did the dashes. A good analogy would be, it'd be like me having to play a piece's right hand notes with the left hand and vice versa. The ham radio club advisor rewired it this afternoon, and I can't wait to test it out tomorrow for everyone during our radiogeek lunch. At least we'll be able to reaffirm our geekdom to all in the union as I send code on a practice oscillator and make lots of noise. This set of paddles is a work of art let me tell you. I hope to get a digital photo of me using it so I can post it on here as I've heard it's something to see, even if you'r not a geek like myself.

Besides going to the ham radio lunch and playing with radios afterwords, I won't have too much else to do tomorrow. I'm having dinner with a couple of people from church as one of them s moving to a new place and I want to say bye, so that should be fun.

I gues I'm going home this weekend as well. There are things I need to talk about and explain with my family, plus, I like hanging out with them. I hope that all will go well, and that all questions can be answered, all fears calmed, and understanding and love be conveyed. More soon.

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