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more excitement from me and various explanations

It's important that I keep good records, that I write things down, so that I can go back and remember things I have done. There have been many things that have kept me from writing, most of it has been religious reasons. Not that my religion says "don't write in your journal, it's bad", quiet the opposite. It's just been a difficult transition from being an agnostic, to being what I am now, a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormon Church).

Many disagree with my church. Go to any bookstore, and you'll find lots of books written by people who have left the church, and are unhappy with it or disagree with things. I spent nine months reading all sides of the argument, leraning lots, and then subsequently, after prayng about it and searching my soul, decided to be Baptised on the 18th of November. It hasn't been easy at all. I still have some problems with my family not agreeing with my decision, though things are getting better as of late. I am grateful that they accept my decision.

Being an LDS member isn't the easiest thing here in Arkansas, and I understand why that is, but the fact that I not only have good friends in my church, but I have grown much more close to my Heavenly Father. I'm forever grateful for that, and grateful also that I've found something that I fully believe, and makes sense to me. I think that religion is a fully personal thing, and it actually ahs take me a long time to actually write this down publically, but I thought that it would help me to feel more comfortable to write things down.

Don't worry, I'm not going to write about church things all the time though I do enjoy doing church things. I haven't changed much, I'm still a weird guy, and I still like to write.

I haven't been doing too much today but watching the ncaa bsaketball tournament on the internet. They've got the audio content on the net now, so it's really cool to be able to listen to the game for free.

Went to a class on Isaiah at church and it was really good. It's better not to fear things, and turn things over to the Lord. THat's going to help me out a lot I'm sure, because I've got lots of things that I need to not be afraid of, especially when it comes to dating :).

Been working on my thesis and getting a paper submitted to Advances in ENgineering Education. My peer reviewers wanted me to make some changes, and we made them today. We'll probably do more of that tomorrow.

Not much else is going on here, remember, if you don't like what you're reading, if you don't agree me or what I believe, that' ok :). Feel free to remove me from your friends page if you would like, but I'd just ask that you don't try to start an argument just to start one. More soon, I promise.

"Fear tho not; for I am with the: be not dismayed; for I will help the; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness;" Isaiah 41 10

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