Ner (djner) wrote,

Happy St. Patrick's day to all.

This entry won't be a very long one as I need to head off to a St. Patty's Day party here this evening, and I'm in charge of providing reasonable music during dinner. We're going to have cabbage and corn beef (traditional and good), and I'm sure the company will be good.

I've been busy cleaning up the place so that I can be ready for John to come over tomorrow and so that I can go to church in the morning and then be ready when he gets here. XM Green has been good background music for sure, especially since I don't have good speakers hooked up to the laptop, and the ones on the Media Bay are practically shot. I heard one repeat today, but that was after listening for about four hours, so they're doing well with covering the Irish Gambit of music. If you like Celtic music with a more modern twist, check out xm 76 Tuesdays at 7 eastern for Emerald Voyage. They cover Irish, Scottish, and Canadian music, and most of the time, it's good.

I've been ripping the cds that I've been getting lately. I'm still missing a couple (I think they fell behind the dresser in one of the times I've knocked my tower of unripped cds over), and that kind of is annoying, but I'll find teh cds some day. I think I'm missing a piano cd of LDS hymns, which really is annoying, but the problem is that I can't remember which cd it was. Maybe I'm not missing it, and I just envision having another one.

I went and got some Oragel for my gum yesterday and it really hasn't helped a lot. I keep putting it on and it works for like an hour and then it's back to hurting again. The gum there is so deep below the root that I don't know of the gel is supposed to be that effective down there.

Have a great green day. I don't think I'm wearing green; I haveno room mates to tell me whether or not I actually have something green to wear. WHo knows. Slon Latte, goodbye. (I know I spelled that wrong. Leave it to the Irish to make things phonetically impossible to spell).

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