Ner (djner) wrote,

Getting ready to leave here this morning. Carol will be coming soon, but I wanted to write pretty quickly. I should be in Strawberry with my grandma in a few hours. We'll be meeting my Grandma at Fountain Hills, about a thirty minute drive from here but enough out of Phoenix to make my Grandma feel more comfortable. Traffic here isn't the best for people from the mountains to navigate.

We had a nice visit last night at the family dinner. Carol made spaghetti, and everyone enjoyed it. We also played a game that I had brought, and though we didn't figure out that we'd played it wrong until the end of the game, it was fun and made us all laugh.

I've realized as I've been in Phoenix that it definiely is worth it to not only make fun of yourself but it's also better to take things lightly at all costs, especially when it comes o religion. It's just more fun that way.
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