Ner (djner) wrote,

I've made it to Strawberry and am really enjoying hanging out with my Grandma. It's definitely good to be able to hang out and not have to do anything. I'm sure I"m going to look back on this and wish I was here again. Grandma's not getting any younger, and I'm glad I can spend this time with her.

Carol got me to Fountain Hills pretty much on time, and we had lunch at Wendy's (spelling) with Carold, Grandma, and my Aunt Cathy, the Chicken Goddess :). We left at 12 and made it up to the mountains at about 1:30 pm. We talked about religion and life aong the way. I'm sure there are people in Arizona who are not accepting of my choice, and I'm sure there are people who do not agree, but this trip has showed me that being in a place with people who have been exposed to Mormons and their way of life can make people much more accepting. I appreciate the fact that my whole family is getting to be more accepting about the whole thing. This trip, especially for this reason, was a very well-timed and helpful trip.

We haven't been doing much today. We had lasagna just a bit ago, and I'm going to relax the rest of the evening, I think. Tomorrow, I'm going with my Grandma to the Babptist church here in town (a small church, the major religion in this small town is Mormonism), and she was happy about that. Then we're going to come back here and prepare for the chicken feast.

Oh yeah, almost completely forgot. Last time I came up here with my sister and brother-in-law, we had cel phone service with no problems. This was pretty neat because the time before that, we didn't have service at all. This time, when I got back up here, I wanted to let my Mom know I'd gotten here, bt had 0 bars. I called Cingular, and apparently, there wasn't too much use on the towers here in Strawberry, so they took them down. The neighboring town, Pine, has a tower, but it's too far away to be of any use. I'm not too concerned, but I'll just have to rely on email. At least Grandma's got high-tech and gotten DSL, so that should make things easier. If I'd brought a microphone, I could use Skype, but I didn't expect not to be able to use the phone, so ... Oh well, I didn't come here to be able to use the phone, so it really doesn't matter.

That's all for now, I"m going to enjoy things now.
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