Ner (djner) wrote,

I must really have spare time as I just watched a soap opera, I think it was Days of Our Lives with my Grandma. What craziness, that's all I have to say.

I haven't been doing much of consequence today. I've mostly been checking and responding to email, and updating myself on Facebook while Grandma did some things outside. I keep trying to ask her if she needs help with anything, but no, apparently not. Her and I are quite alike; we both don't like to ask for help with anything.

Sunday was very relaxing, as it should be. Went to the Babptist church in Pine in the morning, and the message was very scripturally filled, and informative. I agreed with most points, and even recognized some Biblical scriptures I'd seen several times before. After church they had a soup potluck that people convinced us to go to, and the soup was pretty tasty. It was pretty difficult to decide which out of the 17 soups to pick from, but I decided first on the potato, cheese, and wild rice soup, and then went for a ham one after that. It's pretty amazing how many people still remember me from when I lived here.

We came back here and I took a nap. Then about 5 or so, Aunt Cathy and clay (Cathy was married to my Uncle Steve when he died and is now married to Clay) came over baring fried chicken and seven layer salad. It always amazes me how well and how much chicken she makes. Both facts were true. I ended up having only three pieces of chicken, but there's lots more left over that we'll have for dinner today.

We had a nice chat after dinner for an hour or two, and caught up on things. My family has known Cathy for a long time, pretty much since I was a baby, and I've always had a good time BSing with her about random things.

Been continuing to do some geneaological work on the family, now that I have my Grandma to ask questions to. I still have lots of work to do and several connections to try to patch in my family tree/petigree.

And that's about all that's been happening here that's worth writing about. Grandma and I are planning on playing cribbage here in a bit, and she swears that she'll beat me. I am not going easy on her, especially for convincing me to watch Days of Our Lives, even if it was by proxy. We may go into Payson to see my Aunt Barb tomorrow, but that's up in the air still. Got a cribbage game to play, so I'll post this and run. More soon.
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